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#704 – Sensual night with Levy McGarden

I was talking about the latex nurse outfit I was refused to use cause TheKite didn’t like watersport piece and my tailor told me it’s not the only suit existing so no reason design something else as a sexy military suit for Rosalina. After thinking at it I guess I must get more Rosalina in sexy costumes, already ton of cowgirls (that you can see here) cause I love so much that outfits but many other possibilities with Rosalina as maid, cop, firefighter, teacher, student , military, racing or taxi girl (I saw a ref for the last one that is freaking sexy btw)… °w°
I guess I’ll use this with a pool or theme in next raffle for patreon members so if there is a suit you wish to see on Rosalina don’t hesitate to join. Now have to think if it must be on the sexy way with short dress and high heels or cutie in a chibi series… what do you think guys?


A new illustration created by Ryev Alki and I must admit that was a bit delayed with the 700th piece then virgin killing sweater and Valentine day illustration but the next one he’s preparing with Rosalina will come with huge priority so stay tuned for more. This time Rosalina meet Levy McGarden; a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that stands at a rather below-average height for her age so not easy get an artist that can work on something sexy with that loli style character. Anyway looking at a character to suggest, I thought she can be perfect to fit Ryev Alki‘s style that mix both cuteness and sexiness at a so epic level and the result is so wonderfull… \(^o^)/
This pieces turn so marvelous with many interactions and I’m even more amazed by Ryev Alki‘s style with this one. Started so sensual with a long and romantic kiss, eyes closed and tongue out moving together, the breasts add a sweet and soft touch pressing together and finally those more intense with those kinky hands fingering each other pussy. Also adding some love juices as I love Ryev Alki made it sooo perfect…
That’s interesting cause it looks sketchy at some points but Ryev Alki putted many details on this piece, like Rosalina’s lingerie and gloves that show us Rosalina is fingering Levy and vice-versa, the brests with so perfect curves and that I want to fondle like hos soft they looks. Also Rosalina earring that isn’t affected by gravity is the only mistake I can find here so nothing that need to ask and edit to Ryev Alki.
No sketch or WIP about this illustration to show but if you want more just have a look at Ryev Alki‘s art on Deviantart (here), Tumblr (SFW here and SFW here) to discover cute designs to naughty actions where the cute part of the girls is never missing. You can also consider give him the support he deserves on patreon to get exclusive illustrations, request art and help create even more powerfull stuff.

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 22.5$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart: www.ryev.deviantart.com
NSFW Tumblr: www.darkryev.tumblr.com
SFW Tumblr: www.pucelle-ryev.tumblr.com

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#694 – Being sweet with perfect curves

I asked Mazzacho to help me create the design for a Rosalina dress. An original creation inspired by Victorian style that can beat those huge dress and lolitas styles during cons, the final version I received still would need some arrangement compared to what I have in mind but already perfect to show the design and explain what I want.
I’ll show the reference soon so stay tuned, on other side I asked for an estimation to my dress-maker (and friend) and create that kind of dress would cost around 600$ (without fabric and material needed. It sure deserve it but must stay as project for a long time as if what Mazzacho is a master designed is a masterpiece… °o°


After a really naughty duo with Shimakaze from Kantai Collection that you can see on the left, Alas-Carmesis is back with a second illustration that is sure more sweet and safe but still looks incredible. Two ravishing ladies in lingerie on sensual way that let us discover about their so perfect curves, this time Rosalina meet Lucy HeartFilia from Fairy Tail.
This time, instead of of practice Celestial Spirit Magic, Lucy join Rosalina for a little shooting that I love to imagine Alas-Carmesis made a full series of this. So sweet and ravishing lingerie that don’t hide any curves of those perfect bodies but add magical touch for a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness. So many sweet duo on the blog but I guess first time I get that kind of pose with breasts press, that way Alas-Carmesis show us how they are soft and made us want to go fondle them to feel that by ourself (especially Rosalina one my way)… °w°
Thanks for this great piece Alas-Carmesis, and if you wish for more sweet busty ladies just take a look at his deviantart gallery (here). To support him, why not consider commission or why not join his patreon for more exclusive pieces and participate to a Ecchi/H RPG series with a sweet warrior that ‘the way to face the enemies is not the usual way‘… Sounds exciting… ^__^

Artist: Alas-Carmesis / Cost: 32$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Alascarmesis
Deviantart: www.alas-carmesis.deviantart.com

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#338 – Fairy Tail – Erza + League of Legends – Katarina

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy Fairy Tail Erza League Legends Katarina mistigri hentai porn
This week-end without internet was long… So long but thanks for my 3DS and Rosalina I’m still alive. Now I’m back and cleared my mailbox with more then 150 mails… A lot are spam but there is one really interesting… °w°

Vempire answered to my message about the end of the suggestion time for the event “Your dream by…” and he finally choosed his favorite idea: “Hey!, was looking at all the characters and ideas,I like the idea of rosalina clones, and how detailed the VenomSymbiote request was, love the oc of Myria, but well I need to choose one, and i found the rachel character from resident evil really sweet, i think Im going for this one by Tallon.“.

Congrat to Tallon and thanks for all participants, didn’t received a lot of suggestions but I agree with Vempire, there is a lot of really powerfull ideas and character. I hope you will participate again guys… Oh yeah… ^^


Today it a threesome I asked to the owner of the site mydirtydrawing.com. It’s a paysite but when you join it you can request a drawing to Mavruda and you can see here my request. I agree it’s a little special but after see a so beautifull and sexy Erza with Happy costumes I asked to Mavruda if he may accept to pair Rosalina with Erza wearing this outfit and maybe add Katarina mistigri to add an other kitty playing with Rosalina… ^^

Oh, and if you are curious about these two girls playing with Rosalina; in blue there is Erza from the manga Fairy tails (excellent one by the way) wearing a costume of “Happy”, an other character from this series than you can see on the right. He’s a really funny and lovely cat. Now I really love this cat because how he make Erza looking sexy with this outfit… So bad Mavruda forgot the tail but it’s just a detail… XD

Now the second girl, it’s Katarina from league of Legends with her sexiest skin: Katarina mistigri. I have a cat named mistigri but he’s not sexy as katarina…

Now it’s time to talk about Rosalina, of course… Mavruda did an excellent job with Katarina and Erza, but Rosalina is a little disturbing. I know it’s Rosalina and there is some details like the wand or the fact we notice a little the lock who cover her right eye but to everybody I showed the drawing, it’s Peach. She wear pink lingerie, Peach hairstyle (some similarities with Rosalina hair btw), these blue earrings who are simply Peach earrings (Rosalina one look to a star) and minor detail, Rosalina crown is not yellow.

I’m sure just a blue lingerie can look better but you can think Erza and Katarina were hired by Bowser to kidnap Peach and Rosalina decided to help her friend disguising herself as Peach… Yeah, it’s a trap but didn’t ended like Rosalina expected… Eh eh… ^^

Like I said if you join mydirtydrawings.com, you pay 14.95$ for a month and can see all stuf from the site and can also members who purchase a whole month get up to 1 request. for 15$ you can ask a drawing and if you comparate Mavruda‘s style to other artist who do a full body without background for 20$… hum, it’s not bad deal…

Artist: Mavruda / Cost: 14.95$ (Member request)
Website: www.mydirtydrawings.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

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#293 – Fairy tail – Juvia + Lucy

I made an error on the soft blog because I added the Rosalina and Blaze drawing (see it here) instead of in this blog so I totally destroyed the “Welcome in my collection post”… It won’t be hard to repear, I just have to recount all drawings for the stats but the main problem is than I deleted the Rosalian x Blaze and it already appear in the recent publication list… Blogger destroy some posts when I open then for an edit and now I can’t delete this… So stupid… T_T

The name of the blog project is “Rosalina x girl” but it’s ot because there isn’t a “s” to girl than Rosalina must only met one at the same time. and totally it’s a little trio with my two favortes girls from Fairy Tail commissioned to GirNinja, hope you like it guys… ^^

I’m really bad find great ideas you you can see in my wishlist there is a lot of girl I want to see with Rosalina so you can understand it’s sooo hard choose a character for a commission, in fact it’s really more simple with requests; the artist is free to draw what he want and is totally free with the second girl and situation. I think it’s more fair in that way and I have really nice surprises, though I receive some drawing with Rosalina and Bowser (see it here) and also with an alien (see it here)… O_o

I suggested some pairing to GirNinja who choosed Juvia and Lucy from fairy tail, he really love this series and I think it was the best pairing. By the way you can be sure to see Rosalina with and OS-tan a day, Windows 2000 is so lovely… As you can see GirNinja did an amazing job, first time Rosalina meet girls from fairy tail and it’s an awesome start, after so much fun I’m sure Lucy and Juvia must come back but there is some other girls I want to show like Erza, she’s pretty popular and so powerfull… °w°

GirNinja created a first sketch than you can see on the right but he wasn’t really happy with the result, so he drew an another sketch with a really similar scenario and the new one was just amazing… Lingerie, high heels, dildo and a lot of interactions into these three girls, not easy to do but GirNinja made a really good job and I’m really happy with the result, I love Juvia holding Rosalina leg and their faces expressions… So beautifull and so hot… °w°

Don’t hesitate if you are itnerested to commission GirNinja, he’s tallented, professional and it’s a pleasure to talk with him. I know the more important for you is the price so as information a colored character is at 10$ +5$ per extra characters. For more you can see GirNinja’s commission journal here.