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#293 – Fairy tail – Juvia + Lucy

I made an error on the soft blog because I added the Rosalina and Blaze drawing (see it here) instead of in this blog so I totally destroyed the “Welcome in my collection post”… It won’t be hard to repear, I just have to recount all drawings for the stats but the main problem is than I deleted the Rosalian x Blaze and it already appear in the recent publication list… Blogger destroy some posts when I open then for an edit and now I can’t delete this… So stupid… T_T

The name of the blog project is “Rosalina x girl” but it’s ot because there isn’t a “s” to girl than Rosalina must only met one at the same time. and totally it’s a little trio with my two favortes girls from Fairy Tail commissioned to GirNinja, hope you like it guys… ^^

I’m really bad find great ideas you you can see in my wishlist there is a lot of girl I want to see with Rosalina so you can understand it’s sooo hard choose a character for a commission, in fact it’s really more simple with requests; the artist is free to draw what he want and is totally free with the second girl and situation. I think it’s more fair in that way and I have really nice surprises, though I receive some drawing with Rosalina and Bowser (see it here) and also with an alien (see it here)… O_o

I suggested some pairing to GirNinja who choosed Juvia and Lucy from fairy tail, he really love this series and I think it was the best pairing. By the way you can be sure to see Rosalina with and OS-tan a day, Windows 2000 is so lovely… As you can see GirNinja did an amazing job, first time Rosalina meet girls from fairy tail and it’s an awesome start, after so much fun I’m sure Lucy and Juvia must come back but there is some other girls I want to show like Erza, she’s pretty popular and so powerfull… °w°

GirNinja created a first sketch than you can see on the right but he wasn’t really happy with the result, so he drew an another sketch with a really similar scenario and the new one was just amazing… Lingerie, high heels, dildo and a lot of interactions into these three girls, not easy to do but GirNinja made a really good job and I’m really happy with the result, I love Juvia holding Rosalina leg and their faces expressions… So beautifull and so hot… °w°

Don’t hesitate if you are itnerested to commission GirNinja, he’s tallented, professional and it’s a pleasure to talk with him. I know the more important for you is the price so as information a colored character is at 10$ +5$ per extra characters. For more you can see GirNinja’s commission journal here.

#235 – Solo – Take me (Peach Inspiration)

I have now like 300 girls in my wishlist (see it here) but in fact there is half I don’t know… Generaly when I see a nice picture of fanart of the character (often a sexy fanart), I think ” she must be awesome with Rosalina ” so add her as new character in the wishlist but now when I take a look at the page… There is so much character I don’t remember… It’s pretty interesting because if an artist choose one of this character it will be a surprise for me… A great surprise… XD

Though this time I don’t have trouble to reconize the character because Rosalina is Alone.. A huge thanks to my lovely friend Lucie who draw again Rosalina… The first time was a cute Rosalina wearing a Pikachu kigurumi (see it here) but the world is really pervert and for her second illustration, Lucie made something really cute again, a little more explicit but I love it… Thanks so much Lucie… (^o^)/

I really love this pic, that’s sexy but not too much explicit and this little embarrassed face is so lovely… In fact I use the head for my skype avatar and it work perfectly… Lucie have 16yo at the moment but already a great style so if she continue in that was she must have an incredible level… Oh yeah…

There is just one detail who made me disappointed (just a little), Lucie used a Peach fanart as reference for the pose and you can be sure a Nintendo fan like me already saw this drawing… At start it was just an impression like ‘I’m sure I already see this somewhere‘ and I finally found the original pic (just on the right)… The one with peach is beautifull too but now I have a Rosalina version… For me… That’s so powerfull… ^^

Artist: Lucie / Cost: 0$ (Gift)
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