#235 – Solo – Take me (Peach Inspiration)

I have now like 300 girls in my wishlist (see it here) but in fact there is half I don’t know… Generaly when I see a nice picture of fanart of the character (often a sexy fanart), I think ” she must be awesome with Rosalina ” so add her as new character in the wishlist but now when I take a look at the page… There is so much character I don’t remember… It’s pretty interesting because if an artist choose one of this character it will be a surprise for me… A great surprise… XD

Though this time I don’t have trouble to reconize the character because Rosalina is Alone.. A huge thanks to my lovely friend Lucie who draw again Rosalina… The first time was a cute Rosalina wearing a Pikachu kigurumi (see it here) but the world is really pervert and for her second illustration, Lucie made something really cute again, a little more explicit but I love it… Thanks so much Lucie… (^o^)/

I really love this pic, that’s sexy but not too much explicit and this little embarrassed face is so lovely… In fact I use the head for my skype avatar and it work perfectly… Lucie have 16yo at the moment but already a great style so if she continue in that was she must have an incredible level… Oh yeah…

There is just one detail who made me disappointed (just a little), Lucie used a Peach fanart as reference for the pose and you can be sure a Nintendo fan like me already saw this drawing… At start it was just an impression like ‘I’m sure I already see this somewhere‘ and I finally found the original pic (just on the right)… The one with peach is beautifull too but now I have a Rosalina version… For me… That’s so powerfull… ^^

Artist: Lucie / Cost: 0$ (Gift)
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

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