#234 – Ghost in the Shell – Motoko Kusanagi

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I have some problems with publicity on the blog, I think google make some changes and advertises disappeared since a month. I tried to fix it and advertises are back but I must change it a little for something more discrete… And don’t forget to click, it must be really helpfull to ask for more commissions (or if you prefer donate by paypal, it’s not a bad thing too)… XD

So this time it’s the third Rosalina drawing by the lovely artist Krakensan, The first time was a commission of Rosalina and Bayonetta (see it here), Krakensan thought she was really long for this commission so as apologize I receive a new drawing with Ema Skye giving some pleasure to Rosalina (see it here) but for me it wasn’t enough. So I asked to Krakensan a new commission (because great style and really interesting prices) so enjoy this new drawing featuring Rosalina and Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell… Hope you like it guys… ^^

One interesting thing with this drawing, Krakensan always draw naked character or with simple clothes but this time I asked her some lingerie and high heels… Yeah, it’s the first time she drew high heels and detailled lingerie and you can see like the result, Krakensan did an awesome job… You can see other sketchs on the right and a WIP (Work In Progress) with some photos Krakensan used to make clothes look great…

I think a lot know I’m always really late with the blog but this time it’s like a record, the drawing was finished on august so 3 month to publish it… That’s so… Stupid… I’m really sorry Krakensan, totally miss this publication… But you missed Rosalina’s birthday too… Bwaaa… T_T

Artist: Krakensan / Cost: 15$

New wishlisted girl: Abby Sciuto from NCIS serie

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