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#745 – Aurin girl make her entrance

I made some tests but have troubles with wordpress, I have troubles configure come features cause seems I edited a bit too much WordPress files and the blog is so huge that it’s impossible make proper exports to make edits on wampserveur. If some of you can give me a hand to manage it, it would be really powerfull cause for no I’m not sure I’ll go with what I have in mind being scary get all the site down… U_u
Also family moving to Spain for a week so I must care about pets, garden and flowers at mother house, with everything already planed this week will be soooo busy but nothing I can manage… ^^


While watching Mazzacho‘s livestream, he told me he really liked an illustration I posted made by Ryev Alki for the project and seeing the rest of his art he was really interested by the duo you can see on the left. I Mazzacho that got some interest for a <duo with Rosalina and this adorable Aurin girl from Wildstar after see her in a trailer from this game, didn’t expected have him so enthusiastic with this character as me… ^__^
Here turn a ravishing duo in an adorable and little sensual scene, Mazzacho drew Rosalina with a outfit more casual and sexy close to Aurin one. Despite the fact I wonder if Rosalina have a blue belt or if it’s omission during colouring process, there is so many efforts and details Mazzacho putted on the drawing and colouring process. About shading, I love the smooth and sweet color and light crossing tree foliage (learned a new word), it make the illustration much more detailed, impressive and ravishing on the hair and fur… ^__^
I said there is also lot of work on the drawing process cause Mazzacho did so many sketches and poses until reach this one, you can see some of them on the right and also it was really more explicit at the start, kinda love the POV one with panties pulling honestly. Anyway, as if the final illustration is really more sweet allowing me to share it on many places (Oh yeah), there is some sexy details still here like Rosalina outfit, high heels and maybe the Aurin lady that don’t seem wear bra. Don’t know if it’s me or Rosalina but each time Mazzacho create and illustration for the blog it always tend something really sweet and lovely whatever how naughty can be the original idea… ^^’
Mazzacho is sure a talented artist but also have great skills in many fields working on animations, 3D modelling, website creation, etc… I’ll need his help on that last point to prepare something huge. For now don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s gallery on deviantart, meet him during stream on picarto or be member of his patreon. If you have an idea in mind that you think could looks great with his style, you can ask about commissions for whatever you want from really safe and adorable to more… Naughty… °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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#599 – Aurin girl and futa friend

Each new post make me even more excited cause we come closer to the 600th illustration and for now it’s really the last step. But must admit I’m also scary cause the celebration illustration isn’t done, the artists made some errors (I think she rushed a little to much, that’s not pro) and also hope on my side I’ll be able make a wonderfull post. Next week will be epic so stay turned guys and feel free to drop some comments. Feedback are helpfull and always a nice support (also make me know there is people reading the blog instead of google bot)… :p
Also not sure but found an artist that I may commission to create a new chapter for Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Won’t be the same style but I’m sure he can make something cool but still waiting for this answer. And once again, for exclusive content and some support to the project, why not be a patreon members.


Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissToday an artist that was already featured on the blog for Christmas 2015 post (see it here), Ryev Alki made a lovely duo featuring that wonderfull princess Rosalina giving a hand and sweet kiss to the so adorable Isabelle from Animal crossing. You can click the illustration on the right to be redirected to the main post if you are curious. This new illustration is older than Isabelle piece in fact, it’s a colored sketch reward being a member of Ryev Alki patreon. I really loved his futa Rosalina that keep some thing so sweet an lovely but turn her sooo sexy.
For the second girl, she’s Aurin race from Wildstar MMO trailer (that you can see below) and looks so cool that I wanted her with Rosalina. This Aurin girl was so cool and adorable as Rosalina so for sure Ryev Alki was the best to create something exciting but keep that innocent touch on both ladies. Ryev Alki made both so cute as sexy and that mix always looks so powerfull. Never played wildstar if if the game is so cool as some trailers they made I must try for sure… ^^
Ryev Alki already made some futa Rosalina pin-up, for sure she looks special on that way but it turn Rosalina kinda excitng in that way giving a dominatrix touch and some naughty abilities. I love high heels and lingerie but messy too and you can imagine it’s hard get it with yuri blog so futanari is a great option offering more possibilities and cream. I hope you liek how it turned guys.
This illustration was a reward by being a member of Ryev Alki patreon, a first all tiers had a request as reward with different quality depending the amount you give every month but it changed to do the huge amount of work it give with too many patreons members. At first I asked for two solo Rosalina creampie sketches that you can get as patreon reward cause love that messy touch and the result was sooo cool. Finally I asked Ryev Alki if it’s possible to ask for an illustration only each two months and then come with a sweet and kinky duo, like this I get some yuri content and show you Ryev Alki powerfull style… \(^o^)/
With more than 200 posts on his patreon, be sure being a member give you access to so many awesome content. from lovely and chibi characters to a hentai Zelda comic he’s working on Ryev Alki is amazing and deserve more support to continue work on his illustrations. At last feel free to take a look guys.

Artist:Ryev Alki / Cost: Patreon reward
DeviantArt page:www.bahow.deviantart.com
DeviantArt group: www.spankallgirls.deviantart.com

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