#575 – Chibi Splatoolina

Rosalina Nintendo chibi splatoon splatoolina
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Also as announced on my Twitter, time for a new artist to be featured. Be sure it was hard decision and so much I want to talk about but they will come a day for sure. For now feel free to discover Psicoero’s art and there is a new pages made for all previous featured artists that you can find here.


Another SFW illustration (before a really more kinky piece I promise), This cute Rosalina is a reward joining Ryev Alki patreon for the first time so be sure I asked a Rosalina one. This one was close after Splatoon was released and so much cool fanarts turning girls as Splatoon fighters appeared (Miku Hatsune get lovely pieces) and I wanted on with Rosalina. I hope you like the result as me guys, Ryev Alki made a powerfull job…. °o°
Really love that cute Rosalina, the gun size make her smaller and increase the chibi looking, see her ready to have fun and relax a litlle playing on Splatoon universe. Must be so cool if Nintendo add other characters like in smash bros. for a huge and fun party. Ryev Alki did a great job with her suit and pose, both make Rosalina really dynamic, just so bad the tanker on her back is empty, considering we have swim on paint as calamary to fill it, must give so troubles to Rosalina if she start with empty one. I think Rosalina was a little too much enthousiastic and missed it…
Ryev Alki is reall good to make sexy and naughty illustrations but his style also work perfectly for so lovely and adorables pieces as this one, he also made a futa Rosalina but as if damn hot she keep a lovely touch who make mer marvellous. More will come one the blog from Ryev Alki so stay turned and if you are curious take a look at his art on Tumblt or Deviantart linked below or just consider join on patreon. start a 1$ per month and you already are able ask him a sketch each month… Never see so powerfull rewards on patreon for now… Oh yeah…

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 1$ (Patreon)
Tumblr (All stuff): www.darkryev.tumblr.com
Patreon (cool rewards): www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart (sweet art): www.ryev.deviantart.com

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