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#774/776 – Happy 10th Birthday Rosalina

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November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2017

Patreon bonus: All patrons get HD versions of these illustrations (4 times bigger)

It was now 10 years since Mario Galaxy was released in Japan on November 1st 2017 and Rosalina officially appeared to the world, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. After that she appeared in way more game (as if nothing new with her since the Switch) but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

I sure managed some illustration that you can see here and are published in the order I received them. Today is magic and a huge thanks for all artists that helped me prepare this special post… Oh yeah… °w°.


princess Rosalina Nintendo sexy hentai messy warm chocolate sploshing food pornWith a commission per month to Mothclip, it would be hard don’t use the opportunity get one to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday. This artist is also really talented and so kind that I goes with my messy fetish asking Rosalina covered by warm chocolate. It’s sure a weird idea that needed lot of work but Mothclip really did his best, Rosalina covered everywhere wy chocolate, from the crown that overflow, soiled dress and even heels filled tooI also love so much high heels have them filled filled. I know each one his own fetishes so a lot may fin this one a bit weird but I never said I’m a normal person and it’s so powerfull be able get some messy scene with Rosalina… °w°

Mothclip is a really talented and dedicated artist that goes fast once he start working on your commissions so you need to be ready and reactive or if you wait too much he can start without you as for illustration. I answered a few days after get the sketch but once receiving my message Mothclip was already done with colouring and it was too late for the edits I wanted like show a bit more chocolate on the lower part that goes filling Rosalina’s shoes or on the head to feel like there is even more coming to fully cover that sweet princess like a true cake icing… So guys, keep in mind be really careful and precise describing what you want and to get the perfect piece you dream about. ^^


princess Rosalina Nintendo bleach yuri lesbian crossover inoue sexy romanceSecond artist is Omnimaid who give me the honour participate each year to Rosalina’s birthday, little exception in 2016 with Halloween dedicate piece but whatever, I feel so honoured hear about him each year back with his kindness and motivation to participate to Rosalina’s birthday. As each year I wont resit quote ‘I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine‘ and this year, Omnimaid decided pair Rosalina and Inoue from Bleach series in a really sensual scene.

This could be already awesome but I can also say this one is the ‘first of the year that I finished‘, then Omnimaid also trapped me remembering I have a fetish for hand in panty adding some see-though effect to make it even more effective on me. Anyway the general feeling I have from this illustration is how cuteness and sexiness make a magic mix… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Omnimaid placed a lot of nice details like Rosalina’s hand in Inoue hairs that may not be easy to manage or the discrete link on the jeans tag. Anyway some parts looks a bit off like Rosalina top strap looking a bit square or the belly proportion. Anyway on this last point Omnimaid said it’s cause Rosalina is a tall person and that’s a great argument. Anyway thanks again for your kindness ans support my friend… °w°


princess Rosalina Nintendo sexy hentai messy warm birthday cream body writing cunnilingus yuri lesbian porn3rd and last illustration planned is from the October patreon raffle reward, the illustration was made by Lunakiri with and idea and character Kittehskye chosen, this time Rosalina met her OC named Akako. As for the first illustration, there is a sweet girl with a little message wrote in cream, I guess this time it don’t smell like chocolate but I envy Rosalina’s present a lot, Lunakiri and Kittehskye managed a great illustration and there is also one thing I must admit, from the moment I discovered this illustration I thought at… Messy… °w°

As a real surprise, this illustration is a true mystery for me, I don’t know about Akako origine and story, about the way Kittehskye imagined that scene and finally all the creation process from Lunakiri. Anyway there is sure details I can imagine like the messy touch cause people know my fetishes with time and this one is sure not the first illustration created by Lunakiri anyway there is questions I can’t answer like what reference, how many sketches or if there was specific techniques. In fact I must admit I force a bit too much to find content for this chapter cause I love so much this illustration and want it get a great post but there is nothing to learn whatever how much I write so let’s stop here and go back to the main event… Rosalina’s birthday to November 1st… \(^o^)/

#516 – Meet that cute Rukia

Can’t wait to try the Rosalina outfit for Mii on Mario kart. Since I do Rosalina crosplay (photo on information page) it will be fun to have my Mii with Rosalina suit… Also it will be really powerfull in one hand cause everybody will be able to enjoy her on the game. Rosalina as heavy pilot, baby Rosalina as light and now for medium we have the Mii. Love the idea make ther hair lock on the helmet, give a cool look… °w°
Spring is her so it mean more con to wear my cosplay, you can be sure it sound powerfull. About videos (here) for the moment I don’t plan make a new one. Only a few people watch them and they don’t seem to be really usefull or effective so must focus on other projects for the moment.


Now time for a new duo with the powerfull Rukia from Bleach and a really original idea for both outfits by the really kind sunbreaker7 (really sorry for the delay). I talked about Mario Kart before but if you think they are biker suit, you are wrong (and I was when I saw this illustration). If you are curious now let sunbreaker7answer you: “The armor they are wearing were inspired by Super mario striker charged football on wii and gamecube. I just thought they could look more armoric since the ball is made of metal”.
For sure they are more sexy armors than biker suit, I love the design for Rosalina suit, really detailled and kinda sexy with breast protection and that pant close to fall down. Another interesting detail I just noticed writing this post and must ask to sunbreaker7 since Rosalina have the number 69, coincidence? I sure all little perverts here will understand what I mean… XD
For sure sunbreaker7 really did an amazing work. Both are really adorable and expressive, Rosalina face is so cute and innocent and with those armors it make a powerfull combo into cuteness and sexiness. The only little error is that sunbreaker7 didn’t placed the hair lock to completely hide Rosalina eye but he didn’t know about this point and at last he putted it on the right side that mean he was attentive with Rosalina design… and made a wonderfull illustration for sure.
Once again sunbreaker7, really sorry for the delay to publish your illustration and thanks so much for your kindness and suppert. I hope you like this new illustration guys. If you are curious and want more from sunbreaker7, feel free to visit his deviantart profile, he have a really nice gallery and actually working on an adult comic but wont say more so go on and take a look… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: sunbreaker7 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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#501 – You still can't defeat my breasts

I said last time I I found a job who had to get me out of town (and internet) until April, Finally I found another one, still full time job and as if less money it’s a permanent contract so it’s not like I can refuse it, that’s a powerfull opportunity I can’t refuse knowing how it’s hard get a job in France.

So I stay here to manage the blog, don’t mean I’ll have more money for the blog, must save some for the moment but I’ll have more time to manage the blog as expected… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


Never saw enough episodes of Bleach to see this damn sexy Matsumoto Rangiku luckily I noticed about this beauty with some (naughty) fanarts, Rukya is cool for sure but so much big breasts come to defeat her. After some naughty play with Sybian (see it here), it’s a huge thanks to Wotno1 to make this duo meet again. Rosalina have now more experience and sex-appeal using her power to cheat on breasts size but like Wotno1 illustration, it’s still not enough to defeat Rangiku.

As you can see, not a surprise if I say Wotno1 love really huge breasts and you can be sure those are nothing compared to other illustrations he made as if he created an OC named Diana a lovely girl with small breasts, just take a look to his deviantart gallery (here) and you will understand how it’s unexpected like the description she wont stay flat for a long time… XD

Thanks so much for your kindness and participation to the blog Wotno1, I know some artists who already drew Rosalina with big breasts but nothing so impressive as this one. Also guys feel free to visit Wotno1‘s profile and gallery for more gorgeous ladies and if you want him to draw a specific woman he’s open for commissions, 10$ for a pin-up, just let him make your dreams come true..

Also I must admit Wotno1 had to wait so long to have his illustration published here, I’m really sorry about that. During this long wait he had time to draw so many other illustration and especially another sexy duo with Rosalina and Tharja from Fire Emblem. If you can’t wait for the publication you can already find it on Wotno1‘s gallery…. Enjoy… ~__^

Artist: Wotno1 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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#102 – Bleach – Matsumoto

More than 49.000 views, maybe 50.000 tomorrow or before the end of the week… So nice to have a lot of views, I hope you enjoy this blog guys, and don”t hesitate if you know/are artist ready to help me increase my collection… For the moment I often look in hentaifoundry but there is other sites like deviantart with a lot of nice artist, what a pity I haven’t the time to “spam” in all these sites… T_T

So this commission was pretty instructive, I discovered what a Sybian, for someone who think “what?”, it’s the machine Rosalina is riding… If you are more curious, you can take a look to the Wiki article about the sybian here, yeah, it’s exist and at the end there is a nice and soft video who explain hox it work, I was surprise to find it with google search and if you really want more, just search for videos, but this time, I don’t link anything ;p

So I love this drawing, Rosalina and Matsumoto are so beautifull and sexy in this situation… And we must talk about the artist: it’s VincentD who drew this awesome piece for a 15$ commission… Really nice for this price… And don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, you must love it… Not a lot in his gallerie for the moment but I’m sure he will publish more if you go to encourage him a little with nice comments… ^^

Other thing, Matsumoto is the first Bleach character who meet Rosalina, that so much VincentD submit her… There is a lot of nice girls in this manga, hope to have more soon… Oh yeah… XD