#501 – You still can't defeat my breasts

I said last time I I found a job who had to get me out of town (and internet) until April, Finally I found another one, still full time job and as if less money it’s a permanent contract so it’s not like I can refuse it, that’s a powerfull opportunity I can’t refuse knowing how it’s hard get a job in France.

So I stay here to manage the blog, don’t mean I’ll have more money for the blog, must save some for the moment but I’ll have more time to manage the blog as expected… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


Never saw enough episodes of Bleach to see this damn sexy Matsumoto Rangiku luckily I noticed about this beauty with some (naughty) fanarts, Rukya is cool for sure but so much big breasts come to defeat her. After some naughty play with Sybian (see it here), it’s a huge thanks to Wotno1 to make this duo meet again. Rosalina have now more experience and sex-appeal using her power to cheat on breasts size but like Wotno1 illustration, it’s still not enough to defeat Rangiku.

As you can see, not a surprise if I say Wotno1 love really huge breasts and you can be sure those are nothing compared to other illustrations he made as if he created an OC named Diana a lovely girl with small breasts, just take a look to his deviantart gallery (here) and you will understand how it’s unexpected like the description she wont stay flat for a long time… XD

Thanks so much for your kindness and participation to the blog Wotno1, I know some artists who already drew Rosalina with big breasts but nothing so impressive as this one. Also guys feel free to visit Wotno1‘s profile and gallery for more gorgeous ladies and if you want him to draw a specific woman he’s open for commissions, 10$ for a pin-up, just let him make your dreams come true..

Also I must admit Wotno1 had to wait so long to have his illustration published here, I’m really sorry about that. During this long wait he had time to draw so many other illustration and especially another sexy duo with Rosalina and Tharja from Fire Emblem. If you can’t wait for the publication you can already find it on Wotno1‘s gallery…. Enjoy… ~__^

Artist: Wotno1 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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