#500 – Chubby girl in fishnets is a perfect combo

I just found a job starting on sunday until April, will be really better for my financial situation (not sure about my health) but the main problem is that I’ll lost internet for this period out of my town. I’ll live in collocation with a friend who accepted let me use her laptop a little so I’ll be able to continue update the blog but nothing more so wont be really active for a moment.

I’ll do my best to answer to mails and messages but no time looking for artists interested to take part to my project, not good… Just don’t worry if updated getting slow, I’ll be back on April for sure…


Now a marvelous lineart I received from Anthonio Amaury (also know as Amaurymangaka on Blogger and HentaiFoundry) who accepted to take part of my project and made a damn sexy chubby Rosalina pin-up in fishnets. Just take a look at his gallery, he made amazing illustration with Winx ladies in gereral drawing them as sexy bunny girls or with gantz outfit as example, so much epic illustration and now I have Anthonio‘s art on the blog. How powerfull… (^o^)/

I have a huge fetish for high heels and lingerie, including fishnets (that the reason I get some interest for Naruto series at start once I saw Anko and her powerfull suit) so you can be sure I really love this illustration Anthonio made. It’s not porn but like so sexy and sensual as a perfect pin-up, also a dynamic touch cause we can easily imagine Rosalina slowly walking close to us giving us a close with on that beautifull face and curvy body. As if Rosalina must be really slim she’s gorgeous like this, Anthonio did an amazing job… °o°

Clothes really give a magical touch to a woman, As if Anthonio gave her a string and fishnet, I agree it’s not like they can hide something but that’s finally a powerfull combo, we don’t lost anything of that perfect body who look even more sexy with that suit. It also keep a part of mystery cause until we remove it we can’t fell her skin giving some sensual touchs. Or she look so sexy that I don’t want her remove anything, what a huge dilemma…

Now if you want more from Anthonio, just take a look to his art on places linked just below and you can also ask him for a commission and let him make your dreams come true. You can find his pricelist on Blogger or HentaiFoundry, as example a line like this one cost 50$ and if you want Anthonio to make a colored piece like the “Rei Rei” on the right it’s 100$. Ask him for more infos and as you can see he can make amazing illustrations. Oh yeah…

Artist: Anthonio Amaury (Amaurymangaka)  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/amaurymangaka/profile
Blogger: www.eudesenhomanga.blogspot.fr

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