#502 – Never too late for a nice wish

Two huge commissions came for this month and as if I’m not satisfied how one turned I hope you will like the result. I came with a really precise idea and finally not able to see it done, what a same. Now the blog budget is at -80$ so nothing more for this month and I’m kinda desapointed. That’s so stupid.
Also I said I was waiting for the 50th follower but finally we get back to 48. Don’t know who left or desactivated his account but the counter don’t grow so much for the moment, at last some views and comment are really powerfull (and a click on ad is a great support too, be sure about that).


Generally you have until the end of January to wish happy new year and I received this piece but HentaiTeodor in January so perfect timing but as me it’s never late for nice wishes, especially when it’s from Rosalina, a really sexy one btw. It’s a beautifull piece I received from the talented HentaiTeodor and for sure it was a powerfull surprise. Thanks so much… (^o^)/
This illustration is freaking powerfull and HentaiTeodor really drew the kind of Rosalina I love (and would love to meet a day), so beautifull and adorable face but a gorgeous body and that pose give us a perfect view and sexy touch. How we can resist to that kind of girl, they are incredible. Also the best part is not her breasts (as if hard do’nt focus on them) but HentaiTeodor made an amazing job with hair, Rosalina have a complex hairstyle and he really did an amazing job with that part… Impressive…
In fact much more will come from HentaiTeodor, futa twins Rosalina, futa Rosalina fucking futa Rosalina and the true Rosalina sucking both twin futas. Also forget a Rosalina and korean singer on the list so there is a huge program with HentaiTeodor and you must be amazed guys, stay turned cause it will be epic… Oh yeah… °w°
If you love hot girls, incest, tentacles and naughty fanarts you must take a look to HentaiTeodor’s gallery , you can be sure this piece is damn soft compared to other piece he published or are in progress that you can see on his livestreams (here). There is also a Patreon page (here) who must turn epic. With 1$ per month you have full access to his art and a custom “thanks you” illustration when you reach 5$ level. His objective is not to make so much money that’s why no more level so feel free to take a look and why not subscribe too…

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