#503 – Naughty princess come at Super Bowl

I think about stop the Wallpaper calendar project, Mavruda‘s schedule is really busy and nothing since December so not use to continue in that way. I must create a new project with Rosalina and real girl. I hesitate into ladies from live-cam or since I love so much lingerie why not pick a lingerie model and draw her with Rosalina both wearing this sweet lingerie the girl have in the reference.
Must have illustration to illustrate both ideas a day to make it more understandable so stay turned cause more will come for sure… But for the moment, What you opinion guys?


Now an illustration who made people really surprised and confuse, can’t explain myself how it came but after saw Katy Perry show at Super Bowl I really wanted something related with Rosalina and on of these so sexy dancers (they also have crazy smiles, perfect for a naughty piece). It’s a huge thanks to Psicoero who accepted change the commission I planned with him for this illustration and he made a wonderfull job… Oh yeah… (^o^)/
I didn’t have a precise idea for the situation, just said to Psicoero that I wanted Katy Perry in her bleach outfit (not sure people really wear that though), Pink or yellow dancer (love asian girls) and For sure Rosalina dressed as a dancer too.
After that I believed into Psicoero power to make something amazing and he sent me two sketches. I can just say it was so hard to decide but I hope you like the result.
If you are curious and I’m sure you are in fact, I added the other sketch from Psicoero, for sure I love how they play with Rosalina giving us a powerfull vie on her so perfect body but I wanted to see more about Katy Perry and her suit from the superbowl show but must admit I love so much how Rosalina look on this one. I love when artists sent me multiple sketches or idea and thanks so much for these two pieces Psicoero but in other hand hate so much that kind of decisions, life is cruel… T_T
Now if you want to see more from  Psicoero feel free to take a look to his gallery, so much wonderfull illustrations and gorgeous ladies. He made some excellent commission and as you can see always do his best for his commissioners so don’t hesitate talk with him about your kinky dreams and fetishes, I’m sure he will amaze you. And thanks again for accepting make this piece Psicoero, I know your really love your smash bros. orgy but she must come a day… Oh yeah…

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 60€/70$
Blogger: www.psicoerosdirtyblog.blogspot.com/
Hentainoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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