#504/505 – Lovely pokemon and catgirl

The blog had 49 followers, moved to 48 there is a month and now I’m back to 49, thanks for the last who joined… Now I hope I’ll get a 50th follower, it’s like 6 months I’m waiting for him but nothing happened. Still the end of 2015 so everything can happen… XD
Also I always look at followers but in fact the best problem is about comments… Nothing. I wanted to make pools to let people choose into sketches when I get multiple ideas but no participation or feedback, that’s so frustrating.


Today it’s a new illustration from EpicSubterfuge who participated so much to the blog and deserves a huge thanks for his help and support, can find his other illustrations here. Now here is a new piece, it’s his 4th for “Where is my pokemon?” project and I hope it’s not the end like all pokemons still waiting for Rosalina. I’m sure you are surprised about these two versions so let me give you some explanations.
In fact I received the one on the left some time ago from EpicSubterfuge and when I was close to publish it he noticed me that he wanted to remake this duo again. On he showed me this new illustration I told him it was like a redo and he said “I went for a redo exactly because you liked the first one, and if I changed it too much you could not enjoy the changes, like in the production process for the Snorlax one”.
I must admit there were troubles with Snorlax illustration but EpicSubterfuge amazed me with his first version so as if the second look completely different I must love it, since there is Rosalina it’s always powerfull… °w°
Seriously EpicSubterfuge, I always love see different ideas (that’s why love sketches and WIP) so a completly different illustration must be powerfull too, also the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom so there is a huge thanks for your kindness EpicSubterfuge but must admit I feel bad for you that you didn’t had all freedom you need
The second version EpicSubterfuge made (on the right) is also excellent, it’s like one is more realistic and the other more cartoon, first is more serious and sexy (that suit is amazing on Rosalina) and for the second more fun and crazy. Must admit my fav is the first version since Rosalina look so sexy but EpicSubterfuge made her sooo cute on the second that’s why I wanted to show both together, they make a wonderfull combo… (^o^)/

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 5$

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  1. EpicSubterfuge

    Hey, don’t worry too much about followers, man! Just keep focusing on quality as always, traffic and followers will come as a natural result of your good work. Sometimes it takes time, though… Anyway, I’m really glad you liked my pieces, it’s always a pleasure to contribute to such a unique thing, like this blog.

  2. Hernandez Aizawa

    Jeremie, did you received blogger e-mail talking about the new content policy?? They won’t allow por anymore! ;C
    what are you going to do? I’m very frustrated with it


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