#516 – Meet that cute Rukia

Can’t wait to try the Rosalina outfit for Mii on Mario kart. Since I do Rosalina crosplay (photo on information page) it will be fun to have my Mii with Rosalina suit… Also it will be really powerfull in one hand cause everybody will be able to enjoy her on the game. Rosalina as heavy pilot, baby Rosalina as light and now for medium we have the Mii. Love the idea make ther hair lock on the helmet, give a cool look… °w°
Spring is her so it mean more con to wear my cosplay, you can be sure it sound powerfull. About videos (here) for the moment I don’t plan make a new one. Only a few people watch them and they don’t seem to be really usefull or effective so must focus on other projects for the moment.


Now time for a new duo with the powerfull Rukia from Bleach and a really original idea for both outfits by the really kind sunbreaker7 (really sorry for the delay). I talked about Mario Kart before but if you think they are biker suit, you are wrong (and I was when I saw this illustration). If you are curious now let sunbreaker7answer you: “The armor they are wearing were inspired by Super mario striker charged football on wii and gamecube. I just thought they could look more armoric since the ball is made of metal”.
For sure they are more sexy armors than biker suit, I love the design for Rosalina suit, really detailled and kinda sexy with breast protection and that pant close to fall down. Another interesting detail I just noticed writing this post and must ask to sunbreaker7 since Rosalina have the number 69, coincidence? I sure all little perverts here will understand what I mean… XD
For sure sunbreaker7 really did an amazing work. Both are really adorable and expressive, Rosalina face is so cute and innocent and with those armors it make a powerfull combo into cuteness and sexiness. The only little error is that sunbreaker7 didn’t placed the hair lock to completely hide Rosalina eye but he didn’t know about this point and at last he putted it on the right side that mean he was attentive with Rosalina design… and made a wonderfull illustration for sure.
Once again sunbreaker7, really sorry for the delay to publish your illustration and thanks so much for your kindness and suppert. I hope you like this new illustration guys. If you are curious and want more from sunbreaker7, feel free to visit his deviantart profile, he have a really nice gallery and actually working on an adult comic but wont say more so go on and take a look… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: sunbreaker7 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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