#515 – Cowgirl meets tentacles


Easter is her, I hope you enjoyed this sweet day. Also heard than some people don’t celebrate easter and anything on their side as in Mexico, feel so bad for those people but for so much people it’s just a normal day with some chocolate you must buy for you family and that’s freaking expensive at this time… U_u
Also no sexy bunny Rosalina for you this year, sorry guys but for the moment all the budget is concentrate for the next chapter of “Rosalina’s Delivery Service” comic and you can be sure it will be hard to commission for several weeks… That sound so bad but was so long I planned to start the comic and must start a day.


And before start the comic and show you some preview, here my last commission to the talented Ska Jr Zombie, he regulary do commissions discount and that’s a powerfull way to have him draw your character, just that extra characters cost same price as first one so a duo double the price and must admit I can’t afford this kind of piece that’s why just a solo Rosalina this time but really wanted to commission Ska Jr Zombie for a new illustration and as expected he did a wonderfull job. I hope you like this sexy Rosalina cowgirl guys… ^^
The only problem with that illustration it’s that we lost the original idea. At start I commissioned Ska Jr Zombie for a simple Rosalina pin-up, same pose but wearing some high heels and holding them with her hands (really love this kind of pose), after that we decided about a cowgirl suit for Rosalina (with chaps, my favorite costume) and as you can see, it finally ended with some tentacles playing with her body. In fact Ska Jr Zombie love tentacles (must say addicted) that why I decided to put some with Rosalina and love them moving under Rosalina suit, the result is powerfull. Also you can be sure I keep my idea with hands holding heels… Oh yeah… XD
I love how turned that illustrations, a wonderfull Rosalina so perfect and a lovely touch with her blushing face with a damn sexy cowgirl suit and kinky tentacles gently playing with her body, no doubt Ska Jr Zombie drew so much tentacles and master this fetish now. Also the mix into cuteness and sexiness is always so powerfull, that body is freaking hot and her expression add an innocent touch, she’s wonderfull. Also love that kind of bra, looks like bondage.
Now if you want to see more from Ska Jr Zombie, feel free to take a look at his galleries. He publish on several places and accept commissions, also regularly do promotions or special deals as I said so you must keep a eye on him and why not a day let Ska Jr Zombie make your naughty dreams and fetishes come true.

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