#793 – Corrupting a sweet Mimikyu

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 \(^o^)/

Can’t start without wish you all a powerfull new year 2018 with happiness and for some I know a lot of luck and courage. My side I’ll just do my best keep the blog active and hope start new projects like a lingerie/high heels pin-up series or 3rd chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic… Let’s all do our best… °w°
My side I must be careful financially with both personal and RosalinaxGirl budget, kinda hard be strict even more when I wish allow me be crazy and buy something to start 2018 nicely or as birthday gift to myself. Probability I resist is actually low so better no great packs on World of Warships… ^^’


And let’s start 2018 with a gift from Kittehskye with her Mimikuy gijinka OC named Iris (a gift from a friend as she would say). It sure was a so wonderfull and unexpected gift that also add a new character to the project Where is my pokemon?… Oh yeah.
You can see on the right a safe illustration about Iris, Kittehskye have several pokemon gijinka OC that are soooo ravishing and well designed, I was always hoping be able use then with Rosalina for the project and finally Iris came. Must admit I never expected a NSFW duo cause how cute and innocent looks Iris but Kittehskye know me too well and goes with something kinda explicit. No doubt I love the result but on the other side I feel a bit uncomfortable have Iris corrupted a second time cause of me… U_u
If you are curious, first time was in the illustration on left side I gifted to Kittehskye but this time Rosalina is here. I really love that illustration and hope people will consider it as ‘basic’ cause there is really great job here. Imaranx is really good with shading and managed lot of nice details like shining effect on crown, blushing touch or Rosalina removing her panties that respectively add more details, cuteness and finally sexiness that mix so nicely together… °w°
I just talked about 3 details but there is way more to enjoy like the dildo touch, cute nipples, Iris’s outfit and hair shading… so really just take the time discover it to see how much efforts and work putted Imaranx. For more you can visit her DeviantArt page and gallery where you can find cute MLP gif to really sexy and busty pin-up. Of course you can ask for for commissions with no fetish limits but always better to ask if you have something a bit too much special in mind. I just don’t know if there is a place where Imaranx post illustrations too explicit for D.A., I must ask her and edit the post if have something to share… ^__^

Artist: Imaranx / Kittehskye’s gift
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