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#283 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku N°3

The video is now finished and on youtube (as private), the last step is just a huge question: “Where I can put this video on the blog?“… Any suggestions?

As answer to Residentlover2, I already though to create a Peach x Girl, since Peach is more famous and have more fans it must be more easy to find artists but I don’t have time for two blogs like this (but there is a lot of RosalinaxPeach) and I’m in love only with Rosalina, she’s the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world… °w°

After Cavalry it’s now time to present a new amazing artist who contributed: Ungudtime. You can take a look at his gallery and you must don’t forget to let a comment, because Ungudtime do “Weekly Watcher’s Commission” That’s simple, each time you let a comment you also choose a number between 1-100 and the closest person will receive a free commission valued at $30… You can be sure I tried and the result is amazing… So don’t hesitate to participate guys and let to the artist a great comment, not just something like “Really love your work! My number is 67!“, not sure it’s fair for the artist…

If you are curious about commissions or the Weekly Wather’s Commission you can find more information on Ungudtime‘s profil, now it’s time to enjoy this so beautifull Rosalina x Haku Yowane from the vocaloid series. I asked to my friend Tallon, a huge fan of Haku to participate at Ungudtime contest and like the result I think Ungudtime already know us ans created a velentine pic especially for us… It’s was an amazing surprise.. .thanks so much Ungudtime… (^o^)/

Tallon and me can’t do anything with Rosalina and Haku from valentine day so they can have some fun together… hum… Though it’s wasn’t the case for Tallon and me… XD

Artist: Ungudtime / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Blizzarian, Piper and Ravess from Storm Hawks (see it here)