#560 – Rosalina's Delivery Service Chapter 1


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She was close to be on 3DS and missed it because some laziness from Nintendo (really) but now Rosalina will join Mario tennis series for the WiiU version. IT was announced with the new Mario tennis trailer en October 20th and as you can see on the right Rosalina have now a new suit and I wonder to make that kind of cosplay for next year.
Also be ready for Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday… So excited… *o*


After month of hard work and supporting me (I have to admit that), Ska Jr Zombie join me to present you the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic available now on the shop page (here). After Ragyo from Kill la Kill, we have a less dominatig but so adorable lady to get a package from Rosalina; Haku from the Vocaloid series. Just be sure she looks adorable and innocent but can be really naughty too… Eh eh… ^^
Last delivery of the day with a package to the lovely Haku offering Rosalina to take a bath. Start with some toys on bathroom, spying and masturbation before both goes together for a long and intese night. Kinky tongues, fingers and toys; see two beauties become naughty with some fun and cartoon touches…
Second incredible comic by Ska Jr Zombie. Start sweet, continue kinky and sensual before intense and damn naughty ending. Haku was chosen in homage to my freind Tallon for his awesome and constant support on the blog, I wanted to make something powerfull in return and seem he really enjoyed the result as I was amzed by Ska Jr Zombie skills. Oh yeah.

Now don’t hesitate to get your copy here and enjoy… \(^o^)/

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