#250 – Rosalina and Haku – New year party

Happy New Year 2013
Now the party just begging… Have fun guys…

Planned post because at the moment it’s time for the party, hope you enjoy this new year beginning… Now it’s time to have a lot of fun and a little breack so not a lot of spam until my birthday, if maybe I can resist… XD

Nothing more to say, thanks for all who allow me made this blog really powerfull, artists, contributors and viewers… It was nice to see you in 2012 and no choice for you to come back in 2013… I’m waitning for you…No… I supervise you (if only)… ;p

Little celebration drawing asked as rush commission to the talented Evil-Rick. At start I thought to only ask a cute or sexy Rosalina saying happy new year but really wanted to make a little thanks to Tallon who really help me a lot asking a lot of drawings for this blog and also the soft so I asked to Evil-Rick a little comic with rosalina (of course) and Yowane Haku from the vocaloid serie… I think Tallon love Haku as much as I love Rosalina… Or maybe my love for Rosalina is more powerfull… ^^

So thanks again for all who come here and happy new year…. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

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