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#405 – League of Legends – Tristana N°4

It was a really cool week-end, after a damn busy week it’s great to have some time to sleep but without internet it’s also really annoying. It was impossible to work for the blog but as I promised here is a post for monday. Next posts will be really more poserfull, a little comic and animated foursome are planned for the two next publication… Ready guys?

And about “animation”, I have a little problem because it’s a .swf file but I don’t know how I can hot it and have a permanent direct link for the post. If you have any helpfull idea or suggestion please let me a comment. I really need your help… U_u


New illustration but a girl and artist who already appeared on the blog. Another amazing piece I commissioned to Evil-Rick featuring Rosalina with my favorite girl from the League of Legends game: Tristana. Yeah, for a lot of you she’s not the sexiest character compared to Sona breasts or so powerfull character to play with but I really love Tristana and wanted her to meet Rosalina for more fun together… Oh yeah… O_O

I send to Evil-Rick a Tristana illustration I love, I agree the quality is not so powerfull but with this point of view it’s for me one of the hottest fanart illustration as if we don’t see so much about Tristana. I wasn’t sure it can work because if you take a look to Evil-Rick‘s gallery (here), he most draw his own characters (who are gorgeous) but he did excellent illustrations and epic comics so I thought I must try. finally it was a great idea, I love so much the result… °w°

Some people said that there is some trouble with body proportions. Tristana is a small girl (yordle) and Rosalina with her two meters is much more taller so you can be sure there is a huge different size into these two girl. They said that  Evil-Rick drew these two girl with the same size for the torso, I agree Tristana don’t look so small as we can expect but like the point of view it don’t mean anything. And if we look at legs we can see there is a huge difference into Tristana and Rosalina at this point. So no trouble for me, Evil-Rick did an excellent job but I wonder if there is other people who have this feeling about Tristana. what your opinion? Weird or great?

Once again, Evil-Rick‘s art is amazing and you must take a look to his gallery, So beautifull and so horny ladies but other really more surprising that a fat dragon girl or futa demon… Also some littles comics so if you like Yuri or beach gangbang I’m sure you will love his style… If Satashi and Sunana make you too much excited don’t forget that you can also commission Evil-Rick to draw for you.

Artist: JHTriunes  /  Cost: 15$
Deviantart: www.evil-rick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Evil-Rick/profile

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#250 – Rosalina and Haku – New year party

Happy New Year 2013
Now the party just begging… Have fun guys…

Planned post because at the moment it’s time for the party, hope you enjoy this new year beginning… Now it’s time to have a lot of fun and a little breack so not a lot of spam until my birthday, if maybe I can resist… XD

Nothing more to say, thanks for all who allow me made this blog really powerfull, artists, contributors and viewers… It was nice to see you in 2012 and no choice for you to come back in 2013… I’m waitning for you…No… I supervise you (if only)… ;p

Little celebration drawing asked as rush commission to the talented Evil-Rick. At start I thought to only ask a cute or sexy Rosalina saying happy new year but really wanted to make a little thanks to Tallon who really help me a lot asking a lot of drawings for this blog and also the soft so I asked to Evil-Rick a little comic with rosalina (of course) and Yowane Haku from the vocaloid serie… I think Tallon love Haku as much as I love Rosalina… Or maybe my love for Rosalina is more powerfull… ^^

So thanks again for all who come here and happy new year…. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

#221-228 – Happy Birthday Rosalina

Happy birthday Rosalina (^o^)/
It’s the best day for a little comment… ;p
Yeah, it’s 1st november, so Rosalina have 5yo since her first apparition in Mario Galaxy on 1st november 2007. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day when we can discovert this so beautifull and awesome character…
And it’s today the more important day of the more beautifull and cutest character in the word… Rosalina… (^o^)/

Personally I cooked a little cake for this event, so bad my family find it before I find candles… Thanks so much for all artist who find interest for this event and accepted to participate, I hope update the post again wih more drawing but for the moment enjoy it… ^^


– 1 drawing by KLT1M with a character I don’t know (bad start… T_T)
– 1 drawing commissionned to A-S1y-Fox and already in progress
– 1 drawing by VCampan commissioned by tallon90
– 1 drawing by Eromanboy
– 1 drawing by KABOS
– 1 story commissioned by me to Evil-Rick
– A preview of a story in progress by Merethide
The first drawing I receive by KLT1M, he sent me the drawing on 26th september and said I can’t open it before Rosalina’s birthday… You can imagine how it’s hard to wait for a Rosalina drawing one month… So bad… But I did it, for Rosalina, and there is the result, thanks so much KLT1M… ^^

Last thing, KLT1M said the drawing was rejected by HentaiFoundry and don’t know why. Maybe it’s because proportions or Rosalina’s arm or some lines KLT1M forget to delete, like one in the other character’s arm… Any idea who’s the second girl guys ?


The second drawing is a 15$ commission I asked to A-S1y-Fox who already drew Rosalina doing a blow-job. I was a little sad about this drawing because for a Rosalina x Girl blog, see her sucking a dick don’t really work and I’m so jealous imagine an other man with Rosalina… If you want to see more about this drawing, it’s here.

A-S1y-Fox really have a great style and a lovely character named Luna in his gallery that’s why I asked him a drawing with Luna and Rosalina. for the moment A-S1y-Fox don’t send me the final version so I just have a sketch to show you, hope have more soon… Oh yeah… XD


This next drawing was asked as commission by the dear tallon90 who is not just a contributor but more like a member of the Rosalina x girl project with Merethide who already contributed a lot drawing Rosalina… You are so awesome guys… ^^

So this time tallon90 asked a one page comic to to commemorate Rosalina’s birthday, the result is pretty lovely and sexy like the last panel but I’m so jealous, I hesitate a little to publish this one but tallon90 said to add the link of my blog so I don’t have choice, after all it’s not my commission… But I’m so jealous… Really more powerfull than a little cake.


Other artist who already contribute to the blog twice, the first time with Rosalina and Peach (see it here), a cute Rosalina pin-up (see it here) and participate again. Thanks so much Eromanboy… ^^

I just love his new illustration, a hot Rosalina and a lot of little scenes, the title is “Rosalina funtime” and you can easily understand what Eromanboy mean. The full Rosalina in the middle is damn cute, wet and sexy and about all other parts, my favorite is the one of the top when she suck her tit, that’s so lovely but there is other great with dildos… Eromanboy, you did an awesome work… \(^o^)/


princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian peach orgasm pee watersportKABOS really have an awesome style and I was so happy when he said he accept to participate to Rosalina’s birthday, a little mistake when I asked him to publish the final drawing on 31th November instead of October but he noticed my error and the drawing is now online… And it’s a so powerfull one… (^o^)/

I love transparent lingerie and a little domination so this illustration is so awesome, KABOS did an awesome job and the result is so beautifull and hot, I love hot it turn and you can see the quality is great that’s why I didn’t add a biggest watermark on this drawing… ^^

Interesting detail, artist often make a mistake with Rosalina hairstyle, the original character have hair in front of her right eye and KABOS hid the left eye, the reason is simple, like Rosalina position it can’t work with the original hair-style so artists always cheat about this point… I hesitate to reverse it before show it here but I can’t do anything, I love this drawing, can’t change anything… Thanks so much KABOS… ^^


princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbianSo I continue with a story I asked to the lovely artist Evil-Rick, he already drew Rosalina and his OC Susana one year ago for Rosalina’s birthday… Evil-Rick was the only who participate for her previous birthday and sent me a drawing as gift so this year I sent him a message for a commission. At start I wanted a drawing with his OCs Susana and Satashi but Evil-Rick give me a nice promotion and I bought a two pages story… How nice… (^o^)/

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian dp double penetration fistingIt’s not an error if I said ‘two page story‘ because the 3rd is a little special. In fact when the commission was done Evil-Rick directly published it on his HentaiFoundry account and I forget say to wait a little and add a watermark with the link of the blog, it was two late when I see the story in rule34… This one is amazing and I must lost a lot of views, I was so sad.

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian anal creampieEvil-Rick was embarrassed about this and sent me a mail ” attaching a small “condolence” present ” featuring Rosalina and an other Evil-Rick‘s OC: his futa demon Singal who come give a little more fun to Rosalina after the party… You’re so lovely Evil-Rick, thank so much…


I said with tallon90 there is Merethide who also contribute a lot to the blog, she was to busy to draw something to commerorate Rosalina’s birthday but she really draw her a lot in general ( I have more than 10 Rosalina by Merethide and I’m really happy show you a little preview of a story she’s created. For the moment there is only some illustrations, a cover and a sketch of the 3 first pages but I’ll create a page soon especially for this story…

I don’t think it will be fast, Merethide is really busy and tired with her job but this time she have no choice to finish it… Maybe a day… About the story, I’m Jade (Merethide‘s OC) who invite Rosalina to a pyjamas party with Peach and Daisy… Finaly when Rosalina come Jade say it’s a lingerie party and Peach and Daisy can’t come but in fact… They are here… and will enjoy the scene with some cameras in Jade’s house…

More soon guys… ;p

#023 – OC – Suzana

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian suzana Evil-Rick

I just finish to post some post i my blog, change te other pages and go to HentaiFoundry check the last news… and what I see on the “Recent Pictures”…. This!!! It’s not incredible… I just say in the previous post it must be a really nice day… (^o^)/

Another commission with a lot of Kindness, This drawing was make by Evil-Rick, I see his first post on HF with Suzana, his original characters and I really love her… That’s why this drawing isn’t with a character in my wishlist but I really want to see Rosalina with Suzana, and like the result, it’s must be a really good idea… ^^

Don”t hesitate to look at his stuff on HentaiFoundry, it’s really hot and sexy like the Suzana pic you can see beside, but he have a deviantart account really nice too where he publish some comics and good drawing: evil-rick.deviantart.com and if you want more informations about commissions: It’s Here

Artist: Evil-rick / Price:25$