#023 – OC – Suzana

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian suzana Evil-Rick

I just finish to post some post i my blog, change te other pages and go to HentaiFoundry check the last news… and what I see on the “Recent Pictures”…. This!!! It’s not incredible… I just say in the previous post it must be a really nice day… (^o^)/

Another commission with a lot of Kindness, This drawing was make by Evil-Rick, I see his first post on HF with Suzana, his original characters and I really love her… That’s why this drawing isn’t with a character in my wishlist but I really want to see Rosalina with Suzana, and like the result, it’s must be a really good idea… ^^

Don”t hesitate to look at his stuff on HentaiFoundry, it’s really hot and sexy like the Suzana pic you can see beside, but he have a deviantart account really nice too where he publish some comics and good drawing: evil-rick.deviantart.com and if you want more informations about commissions: It’s Here

Artist: Evil-rick / Price:25$

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