#024 – Nintendo – Zelda

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After Peach, Samus, Misty and Cynthia (Shirona), It’s a new beautifull Nintendo character who is her for a show with Rosalina… I’m think all of you know her, It’s Zelda from Zelda (don’t confuse her with Link, the green imp… ;p)…

This time, It’s not a really hot drawn but something really cute… Soft is really nice… Why a pervert can’t love cute or funny soft drawings? ;p

So I really love this drawing, Rosalina and Zelda after a wet kiss… The saliva like the drawing with Winry is really nice and look at her faces, They are beautibull… Rosalina is so cute with her tongue like this…

And the artist… It’s important… For this drawn it’s Rawrshaw who accept to make this drawing as request… Thanks for your kindness… I find a lot of artist on HF, and I can say a lot are really nice… So take the time to see theirs galleries, If I ask a drawing with Rosalina, it’s beacause they have a really nice style… Look this drawing… Not beautifull?

Artist: Rawrshaw  /  Price: Request

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