#004 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno

A new manga character with Rosalina, this time it’s just a line because the artist have some difficults with coloring but you can agree it’s a really nice pic… Rosalina and Ami during story time… That’s a really nice and so cute drawing… but this artist was found in HentaiFoundry, So I can’t say the complete version…

This time the congratulations are for Empty (funny name… XD), for this request… This time again, no answer to my request post but some day after: “Et voila! Pour vous, Harmonie_Rosalina.” in my profil… It’s french and the traduction is ” That’s done, this is for you Harmonie_Rosalina”…. Not a beaufifull comment? (^o^)/

Artist: EmptyRawrshaw / Price: Request

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