#025 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno

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A new manga character with Rosalina, this time it’s just a line because the artist have some difficults with coloring but you can agree it’s a really nice pic… Rosalina and Ami think to  a really hot moment during story time… Cute, funny and hard, that’s a really nice drawing…

This time the congratulations are for Empty (funny drawing so funny name… XD), for this request… This time again, no answer to my request post but some day after: “Et voila! Pour vous, Harmonie_Rosalina.” in my profil… It’s french and the traduction is ” That’s done, this is for you Harmonie_Rosalina”…. Not a beaufifull comment? (^o^)/

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  1. Yukikah

    Mmm, seen a lot of Empty stuff over the years. And yeah, coloring has never been his strong suit… but I have to say, over all the years of him drawing Nintendo characters, it looks like he’s been getting a lot better!

    Liking Ami/Mercury as much as I do, this certainly is the type of thing from him that is more than a lovely surprise. Now just need some of the other Sailor Scouts, make a series or something…


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