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#547 – Sailor Venus and galaxy princess

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri Sailor Venus hentai

I’ll lost internet for the week-end due to camping with friend and won’t be able manage the blog during this time. The problem is not the fact to lost internet itself cause I’m sure it will be a really cool week-end and friends are much more powerfull than internet (as if no one can defeat Rosalina). It’s just that’s the last time I had to disconenct for a week-end, google deleted my two Rosalina x Girl blogs (man and soft) so I’m kinda scary that something can happen… O_o
I also won a YCH auction from theFloppyBunny, she have a really good style and can make really nice pin-up for 15$ (and freaking hot if you ask). She just need to be more famous and really deserve it, I wont the YCH for 6$ (you can see the pose here) so feel free to watch her and come for the next auction to fight with me… Oh yeah…


Now I think a lot of you know about Sailor moon and maybe had a childhood crush for one of those sweet lady, it’s also the case forxxxbattery who choosen for my pin-up commission to pick a lady from this series for some naughty play with Rosalina. After some lingerie and bondage with Ami Mizuno that you can see on the right, it’s Sailor Venus (alias Minako Aino) who come for some true and sensual lesbian time with Rosalina. Once again xxxbattery did an amazing job, I hope you like it guys…
Both make an amazing duo and xxxbattery‘s style sure is powerfull so if you add that he made multiple versions it’s so wonderfull. I know so much people love naked ladies in general, after all that’s more sensual and we can enjoy more of that wonderfull bodies but clothes really add a magical touch to a lasy and I really love lingerie so that panty versions are excellent, didn’t expected this fromxxxbattery, for sure it was a great surprise. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/
I always ask high heels for Rosalina cause really love it (that’s so hot) but first time I have her with slippers, for sure that’s original and with this little Luma I can’t deny xxxbattery made a great design, it’s also more intimate like happening at Rosalina’s house, she really have kinky friends visiting her. Adding a juicy touch it’s freaking hot, I wonder wich version is your favorite guys (or like me you can love all of them)… °w°
It was a pin-up commissions to xxxbattery, 60$ for this kind of illustrations is kinda fair especially like all time he spend on each illustration, just take a look at his livestreams (follow him here) and you’ll be amazed by the quality for each details… Also when I the description I say “up to 2 characters” was really hard to resist. For sure you must see more from xxxbattery but for now I have to save my budget… T_T

Also stay turned for the next illustration cause will be linked by this one but not by same artists
Artist: Vaiderman  /  Cost: 40$
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Tumblr: www.xxxbattery.tumblr.com
Insagram: www.instagram.com/battery_xo
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile

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#531 – Removing dressing gown and let start the show

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri sailor moon Amy Mizuno lingerie gown xxxbattery
The next page I’m working on will be available soon, it goes faster as expected but we are so close to July so I must hurry. It will also have 3-4 publicity banners, more as try to see if it can give some help, can’t say they will be discrete but like all content on the page they wont take so much place and as I say pop-up ads wont appear here. It’s the best to make money but I consider that thing as shit when I’m on other sites.
Also thinking to move the video page to archive page, I’m not able to make really good and usefull content due to my english level at first and don’t plan to make a new for for the moment. Maybe it will reappear a day.


I love so much lingerie and high heels, you know about that and since I saw this wonderfull illustration with Lonette on xxxbattery‘s gallery I really wanted to have a sweet and sensual Rosalina with dressing gown slowly open it to reveal her gorgeous body. Finally I had the opportunity to mix all those fetishes, adding the amazing style of xxxbattery the result is so powerfull. I hope you love it too guys… Oh yeah… ^^
I recently commissioned xxxbattery to draw Rosalina with Callie and Marie from Splatoon (see it here). For sure he did a great job but it wasn’t so powerfull. As if he did his best but he can’t truly show his talented and power with those squid sisters that why I came to xxxbattery with this second commission. Also there is some regular stream sales so really hard to resist in that case (now like my budget in bad condition I can resist at last)… XD
Since it’s a yuri blog, I wanted another lady to be with Rosalina and we decided with xxxbattery to pick Amy from Sailor Moon, a great choice for a wonderfull duo. It seem Amy looks damn more crazy and excited than Rosalina like her face and that she’s already wet. Now we have a sensual and sexy Rosalina with gown, lingerie and high heels (that combo is marvelous) and a naughty Amy who make a powerfull mix… Also as if Rosalina looks so hot, she’s not like a naughty slut but a sophisticated woman. xxxbattery really did a wonderfull illustration.

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#158 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno coloring

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian sailor moon mercury ami mizuno

Driving licence exam approaching… Exciting… Excting… So I prepare this post yesterday, for the moment I can still write… That’s nice… ^^

Today it’s a pretty special publication, not a new drawing but an image coloring by Dongolian who accepted do it as request… Maybe credits are to Empty for the original lineart (see the publication here)… I already post the lineart pic so you can see that each artist do a really nice job… The original drawing was really nice and colored it’s now awesome… Thanks so much Dongolian… (^o^)/

I love this pic and if you take a look to my soft blog: rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com, you can see I already post this drawing but cut the upper part… It’s so fun to turn this really hot and pervert drawing into something really cute… Like this I can have a post in each blog… that’s so nice… ^^

Don’t have more to say… Maybe I have other lineart and like the result, It must be interesting to try again… Don”t want to ask again a coloring to Dongolian (He say it was really long to color)… Interesting detail, there is some artists like Dongolian who love color pic but don’t draw, I know 2-3 other artist who do that and it’s a really nice thing, they have a great level so when artists do greats linearts but don’t want to color, these artists are really nice….

Hope you like it guys, now I’ll prepare the post for the soft blog and notice Empty about this pic… Two requests, two artists and an awesome result… Thanks so much for your kindness Dongolian and Empty… XD

Lineart: Empty / Price: Request
Coloring: Dongolian / Price: Request

#135 – Sailor moon – Jupiter (Makoto Kino)

I received some time ago a comment where the guy asked for the picture without watermark… sincerely I hate watermark too but I must do it if I want some views. I see some sites where these pics are post so if watermark can help me have more view and make my blog a little more famous, I must do it… Just a good think, I decided to move the watermark, now it’s not in the middle but down, and sometime take a look to the artist gallery, maybe the pic without watermark can be in his gallery… ;p

So the new girl who meet Rosalina is Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino) from Sailor moon serie. First pic with this girl but I already have an other with Rosalina and Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno, see the pic here). Now I have my two favorite girls from this serie with Rosalina… And other detail, it’s the 90th girl who meet Rosalina… (^o^)/

A big thanks to Meadower who accepted my request saying “I can make some piece with Rosalina for you if you want, but I can’t tell when“, wait for Rosalina is not a problem and the picture is now done, that’s just so nice… Oh yeah, thanks for your kindness Meadower.

I love this drawing, there are really sexy but so beautifull too and a lot of nice details like background or wands (Rosalina want is really cute). Clothes are really simple, transparent but look nice, I already posted the version without background for a better view to Rosalina and Makoto dress. Rosalina and Makoto having a long kiss, it’s pretty romantic and dressed like this we can imagine they wont stop after this but the rest depend of your imagination, and no way to say what I think… ;p

I hope you like this pic, don’t hesitate to take a look to Meadower gallery, it’s not a huge collection but I sure there is some pics who must pick your interest like his nerd girl, she’s really sexy and have a nice tee-shirt, but if you want to see more, just go to Meadower‘s gallery… ;p

#025 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian sailor moon mercury ami mizuno mutual masturbation

A new manga character with Rosalina, this time it’s just a line because the artist have some difficults with coloring but you can agree it’s a really nice pic… Rosalina and Ami think to  a really hot moment during story time… Cute, funny and hard, that’s a really nice drawing…

This time the congratulations are for Empty (funny drawing so funny name… XD), for this request… This time again, no answer to my request post but some day after: “Et voila! Pour vous, Harmonie_Rosalina.” in my profil… It’s french and the traduction is ” That’s done, this is for you Harmonie_Rosalina”…. Not a beaufifull comment? (^o^)/