#531 – Removing dressing gown and let start the show

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri sailor moon Amy Mizuno lingerie gown xxxbattery
The next page I’m working on will be available soon, it goes faster as expected but we are so close to July so I must hurry. It will also have 3-4 publicity banners, more as try to see if it can give some help, can’t say they will be discrete but like all content on the page they wont take so much place and as I say pop-up ads wont appear here. It’s the best to make money but I consider that thing as shit when I’m on other sites.
Also thinking to move the video page to archive page, I’m not able to make really good and usefull content due to my english level at first and don’t plan to make a new for for the moment. Maybe it will reappear a day.


I love so much lingerie and high heels, you know about that and since I saw this wonderfull illustration with Lonette on xxxbattery‘s gallery I really wanted to have a sweet and sensual Rosalina with dressing gown slowly open it to reveal her gorgeous body. Finally I had the opportunity to mix all those fetishes, adding the amazing style of xxxbattery the result is so powerfull. I hope you love it too guys… Oh yeah… ^^
I recently commissioned xxxbattery to draw Rosalina with Callie and Marie from Splatoon (see it here). For sure he did a great job but it wasn’t so powerfull. As if he did his best but he can’t truly show his talented and power with those squid sisters that why I came to xxxbattery with this second commission. Also there is some regular stream sales so really hard to resist in that case (now like my budget in bad condition I can resist at last)… XD
Since it’s a yuri blog, I wanted another lady to be with Rosalina and we decided with xxxbattery to pick Amy from Sailor Moon, a great choice for a wonderfull duo. It seem Amy looks damn more crazy and excited than Rosalina like her face and that she’s already wet. Now we have a sensual and sexy Rosalina with gown, lingerie and high heels (that combo is marvelous) and a naughty Amy who make a powerfull mix… Also as if Rosalina looks so hot, she’s not like a naughty slut but a sophisticated woman. xxxbattery really did a wonderfull illustration.

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