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#158 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno coloring

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Driving licence exam approaching… Exciting… Excting… So I prepare this post yesterday, for the moment I can still write… That’s nice… ^^

Today it’s a pretty special publication, not a new drawing but an image coloring by Dongolian who accepted do it as request… Maybe credits are to Empty for the original lineart (see the publication here)… I already post the lineart pic so you can see that each artist do a really nice job… The original drawing was really nice and colored it’s now awesome… Thanks so much Dongolian… (^o^)/

I love this pic and if you take a look to my soft blog: rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com, you can see I already post this drawing but cut the upper part… It’s so fun to turn this really hot and pervert drawing into something really cute… Like this I can have a post in each blog… that’s so nice… ^^

Don’t have more to say… Maybe I have other lineart and like the result, It must be interesting to try again… Don”t want to ask again a coloring to Dongolian (He say it was really long to color)… Interesting detail, there is some artists like Dongolian who love color pic but don’t draw, I know 2-3 other artist who do that and it’s a really nice thing, they have a great level so when artists do greats linearts but don’t want to color, these artists are really nice….

Hope you like it guys, now I’ll prepare the post for the soft blog and notice Empty about this pic… Two requests, two artists and an awesome result… Thanks so much for your kindness Dongolian and Empty… XD

Lineart: Empty / Price: Request
Coloring: Dongolian / Price: Request