#135 – Sailor moon – Jupiter (Makoto Kino)

I received some time ago a comment where the guy asked for the picture without watermark… sincerely I hate watermark too but I must do it if I want some views. I see some sites where these pics are post so if watermark can help me have more view and make my blog a little more famous, I must do it… Just a good think, I decided to move the watermark, now it’s not in the middle but down, and sometime take a look to the artist gallery, maybe the pic without watermark can be in his gallery… ;p

So the new girl who meet Rosalina is Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino) from Sailor moon serie. First pic with this girl but I already have an other with Rosalina and Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno, see the pic here). Now I have my two favorite girls from this serie with Rosalina… And other detail, it’s the 90th girl who meet Rosalina… (^o^)/

A big thanks to Meadower who accepted my request saying “I can make some piece with Rosalina for you if you want, but I can’t tell when“, wait for Rosalina is not a problem and the picture is now done, that’s just so nice… Oh yeah, thanks for your kindness Meadower.

I love this drawing, there are really sexy but so beautifull too and a lot of nice details like background or wands (Rosalina want is really cute). Clothes are really simple, transparent but look nice, I already posted the version without background for a better view to Rosalina and Makoto dress. Rosalina and Makoto having a long kiss, it’s pretty romantic and dressed like this we can imagine they wont stop after this but the rest depend of your imagination, and no way to say what I think… ;p

I hope you like this pic, don’t hesitate to take a look to Meadower gallery, it’s not a huge collection but I sure there is some pics who must pick your interest like his nerd girl, she’s really sexy and have a nice tee-shirt, but if you want to see more, just go to Meadower‘s gallery… ;p

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