#134 – OC – Gothic girl

Really busy for the moment so not the time every day to publish a post (I say comparate to draw it’s really more easy but like my english level, I need a lot of time for something… correct… XD).

So this new Rosalina was drew by Qaphsiel. I meet this really nice artist in hentaifoundry and find a really nice comic in her gallerie (take a look here). I was facinated by her style so ask to Qaphsiel if she accept a request for my blog and say “I could take a request, but would you mind it being more of a sketchy style than my comics“. The result is really nice and for me it don’t look sketchy. No?

At first I was surprise Qaphsiel drew Rosalina with a random girl “I can named”… I expected at start to see here with the elf from her comic (must go to Qaphsiel if you want to see her… ;p) but Qaphsiel was really happy with the fact I always let the artist totally free with the other girl and situation so if Qaphsiel had a lot of fun drew it, it’s just nice… Elf girl or not… (^o^)/

Because it’s so easy to quote, a little to finish… ^^
So this is for Harmonie_Rosalina’s blog with… Rosalina stuff. Yay!
I don’t know much of Mario – stopped playing it back in the Super Nintendo days… So I don’t know this character. But she looked cute and I can’t resist such a “do it as you prefer!” request when I have the time 😉

Artist: Qaphsiel / Price: Request

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  1. Qaphsiel Dimana

    Sweet words, thank you! Only… I’m a woman. So “her gallery” LOL!

    I wasn’t aware you were expecting me to draw Mellessye with Rosalina… She prefers the boys, but maybe I’ll try it in the future (errr way future. Cramped under projects here!)


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