#133 – Nintendo – Peach N°15

When I ask for Rosalina with an other girl, I often have Peach as suggestion, At start I thought it’s because Rosalina is a Nintendo character and the best is to show her with an other Nintendo character so who is the more famous girl in this company? Peach of course (Zelda, Samus and Shirona just after… ^^). But I hear an other reason (not from BlackBible): that’s Rosalina and Peah are very similar; not a bad argument because a lot say Rosalina is a Peach recolored… Maybe it more easy to pair these two girls… So BlackBible choose to drawn “Rosalina and..Peach on the bed together with upper view without clothes”… I must ask him why he choose Peach… ^^

So I love this drawing, they are so romantic and cute in this situation… Maybe they don’t look to loli but really young like this, It’s the first time I see Rosalina like this and she look really beautifull and innocent, they are naked and must have a long night maybe it’s not a hot pic, more soft and romantic… It’s a really good drawing, and I hope you like it guys…

Maybe this type of drawing by BlackBible was a big surprise… If you take a look at his gallerie, there is only guro pics, so I expected to see something guro at start, Not a huge fan of this style but it will be something new, first guro pic with Rosalina… So in BlackBible, 4 pics: guro, guro, cute and guro… That’s curious… So if you like guro pics, don’t hesitate to take a look to BlackBible gallery, if not, be careful… ^^

Last thing about BlackBible, if you are interested by commission don”t hesitate to take a look at his rates, for the moment like his level and style it really interesting…

Artist: BlackBible /  Price: 10$
Deviantart profil: wott7000.deviantart.com/
Hentaifoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-BlackBible.php

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