#132 – Queen's Blade – Menace

Everybody can be crazy and this time it was with a 60$ commission, I say comparate to my other submissions this time it’s a little more but ARein have a really nice style and his kindness is awesome… So have his style here is just so nice, and with a really nice character, Menace… ^^

Sincerely, I never see Queen’s Blade anime but already know a lot of fanarts (often sexy) from this serie. I already have Rosalina with Echidna (see it here), now Menace, maybe I hope Melpha will come soon… ^^

A really nice thing is that ARein do 4 versions of this drawing: Lingerie, Nude, Oil and Futa… The Oil version is my favorite (look more than slime like this) but I show you the other versions… I’m not a huge fan of futa but there is Rosalina so I must show it and it’s in exclusivity here… Oh yeah… Hope you enjoy it guys… ^^

This drawing is really hot but Rosalina and Menace face are beautifull, I don”t say how describe it but they have a really calm but expressive face… Really exciting in fact… So don”t hesitate to take a look to ARein gallery, he have a lot of nice pics and maybe for a commission it must be a nice deal, a little more expensive than other artist I show here in general but like this pic, the result is awesome… That’s so nice ARein, So happy to publish this pic here… (^o^)/

Don’t have more to say, just sorry for the watermark but I see some blogs or forum when these drawings are publish so if it can help me have some views, I must do it… ^^


  1. ssjdudeman

    Is there any way to remove the watermarks?

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Remove => No
      But maybe take a look again to the pic… ^^


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