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#199 – Queen's Blade – Menace

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I’m not really active in Hentaifoundry because in one hand I want to increase a little the collection of the soft blog: http://rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.fr/ and in an other hand I’m really late with all drawing waiting so no time ask new requests… I continue spam… But a little… A little… A little…

As example this drawing with Rosalina and Menace was finish in July 24th, so more than a month, I’m really sorry Keknep, you did an awesome pic and I’m so late show your awesome work here… And after this one, there is… hum… 15 drawings who are already finish… A lot of great artist have interest for my blog and project and I’m like windows… ” Please wait “… T_T

But it’s time to be happy and enjoy this new drawing with Rosalina (what else) and Menace from Queen’s Blade drew by the awesome Keknep, you must see his gallery, not a lot of pics for the moment but the quality is just wow… Keknep really have a great level… And he contributed to my blog, thanks so much for your kindness… (^o^)/

Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Luma so after Menace turn these to slaves, she didn’t let her in peace… I love the idea and the result is just beautifull… Menace is a complex but so beautifull character and like Keknep description; ‘Menace is one of the three hottest characters in Queen’s Blade“, really curious about the two other, I think it can be Melona and Echinda but not sure, this manga have a lot of really sexy girls…

Last thing about Keknep, he’s considering doing commissions so if you are interested, don’t hesitate send him a little message, for the moment I don’t have any idea about Keknep pricelist but when an artist is starting commissions, it’s often really interesting, so don’t hesitate to ask… But not sure you will be faster as me (of course I’m curious about Keknep‘s prices too)… ;p

Artist: Keknep / Price: Request

#132 – Queen's Blade – Menace

Everybody can be crazy and this time it was with a 60$ commission, I say comparate to my other submissions this time it’s a little more but ARein have a really nice style and his kindness is awesome… So have his style here is just so nice, and with a really nice character, Menace… ^^

Sincerely, I never see Queen’s Blade anime but already know a lot of fanarts (often sexy) from this serie. I already have Rosalina with Echidna (see it here), now Menace, maybe I hope Melpha will come soon… ^^

A really nice thing is that ARein do 4 versions of this drawing: Lingerie, Nude, Oil and Futa… The Oil version is my favorite (look more than slime like this) but I show you the other versions… I’m not a huge fan of futa but there is Rosalina so I must show it and it’s in exclusivity here… Oh yeah… Hope you enjoy it guys… ^^

This drawing is really hot but Rosalina and Menace face are beautifull, I don”t say how describe it but they have a really calm but expressive face… Really exciting in fact… So don”t hesitate to take a look to ARein gallery, he have a lot of nice pics and maybe for a commission it must be a nice deal, a little more expensive than other artist I show here in general but like this pic, the result is awesome… That’s so nice ARein, So happy to publish this pic here… (^o^)/

Don’t have more to say, just sorry for the watermark but I see some blogs or forum when these drawings are publish so if it can help me have some views, I must do it… ^^

#057 – Queens blade => Echidna

New anime, this time Rosalina enjoy Echidna from queens Blade (I don’t say why but always names her echinda… Not good). So it’s a beautifull request by a really nice artist: Epyon who say me he accept my request but don’t drawn gay or futa… Sound nice because I don’t whant guys here… I say there is bowser, but it’s an exception… ;p

So see Echinda was a really nice surprise, I asked a commission with her some time ago (who is alreasy in progress) but Epyon was more fast make this awesome drawing… Request more fast than commissions… O_O    Thanks so much to the artist and I think it’s a good idea if you take a look to his gallerie, there is a lot of really nice (and sexy) drawings… But this one is the best… Oh Yeah… (^o^)/

I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to comment… Yeah… How can I reach 10.000 views with 2 comments… I say we are not in deviantart but a little comment is nice for me and the artist… No?

Artist: Epyon/  Price: Request