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#057 – Queens blade => Echidna

New anime, this time Rosalina enjoy Echidna from queens Blade (I don’t say why but always names her echinda… Not good). So it’s a beautifull request by a really nice artist: Epyon who say me he accept my request but don’t drawn gay or futa… Sound nice because I don’t whant guys here… I say there is bowser, but it’s an exception… ;p

So see Echinda was a really nice surprise, I asked a commission with her some time ago (who is alreasy in progress) but Epyon was more fast make this awesome drawing… Request more fast than commissions… O_O    Thanks so much to the artist and I think it’s a good idea if you take a look to his gallerie, there is a lot of really nice (and sexy) drawings… But this one is the best… Oh Yeah… (^o^)/

I hope you like it and don’t hesitate to comment… Yeah… How can I reach 10.000 views with 2 comments… I say we are not in deviantart but a little comment is nice for me and the artist… No?

Artist: Epyon/  Price: Request