#249 – Original character – Roxy

Little problem and a post was deleted, I’m really sorry about that for the person who sent me the message, don’t worry it’s not so serious but I’m not really happy about how it turned… A post deleted and I heard my blog is glaucous… I know like the blog design it’s not something really beautifull so if you have some idea to help me improve the design, let a little comment… Arf, bad day… T_T

So not time to cry (computers hate water), today it’s an excellent drawing by Saxismyax featuring Rosalina and Saxismyax‘s OC: Roxy in a really hot fetish situation… I’m sad because the person who asked me to remove a post hate hentai so with a drawing like this at start, not sure she will read the post, that’s why the picture is after the description, sorry everybody… Though I’m sure she won’t come again take a look at the blog…

As a huge fan of lingerie and high heels you can be sure this drawing is really powerfull for me… Rosalina licking Roxy’s heel, that’s really turn me ON… And that’s why for my birthday I asked a commission where I’m licking Rosalina heel… Are you sure it’s a coincidence?

I’m glad Saxismyax drew his OC with Rosalina, for a request the more important is the artist have pleasure make the drawing so I hope Saxismyax had a lot of made this drawing, after all Rosalina is my favorite character and Roxy is Saxismyax‘s favorite character… That’s more fair in that way… Thanks so much Saxismyax…. (^o^)/

Artist: Saxismyax / Cost:0$ (request)


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