#528 – Happy birthday Haku

Vocaloid Haku Yowane Rosalina sexy ecchi 
Was able to get Splatoon Amiibo and collector edition of the game (with green Amiibo), noticed than American have a pack with the three together, that’s really more powerfull cause here to get the greeen one we must buy the game as full price and can’t enjoy the promotion of 5$ off for those who downloaded the demo.
Nintendo start to do shit with us to get more money and I finally stop buy Nintendo products. Maybe a day they will understand and listen at us… Maybe… U_u


Today another illustration made by Lunakiri as gift for my friend Tallon. A lovely duo to celebrate Haku Yowane birthday on November 21th (exactly 3 weeks after Rosalina). I know it’s kinda sketchy but I was kinda late when talked about it with Lunakiri so she had to rush to finish it in time but the result is so lovely. She did a great work for sure…

The idea was Rosalina delivering to Haku a present from Tallon, her suit is inspired by the one in Rosalina’s Delivery Service and must admit this blue lipstick and glasses make her looks kinda cute. Both are so cute but Lunakiri also drew a sexy touch and they are so close, with a little imagination I’m sure it can turn naughty but also more lovely. Don’t know what inside but if you are curious, on the next comic chapter they will be a package from Tallon to Haku with som interesting “accessories” inside… Eh eh…
For now Lunakiri is silent from several days but recently published some illustration on her galelry, they are cool and playfull with a naughty touch so I’m sure you will love them guys. Also feel free to talk with her if your interested by a commission, she have really interesting prices and always do her best… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$

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