#308 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku N°4

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A huge thanks for all who visit the blog and especially take the time look at all pages and post a little comment but I see than not a lot take the time read it. I have a lot of projects and ideas in mind but people are not enough reactive so there is a lot of thing I drop out.

As example I asked “ What button look the best for you? “.
Thanks to Eromanboy who answered on Twitter but I’m sure he’s not the only who visit the blog. I  must find an idea than people don’t miss when I post a little question… U_u

I want the blog be the best so don’t hesitate give me your feedback and ideas… Thanks everybody and welcome here… ^^


Today an other amazing drawing with Rosalina and the vocaloid Haku than I didn’t drew (of course) but I also didn’t asked (don’t expect I don’t like it)… It was commissioned to SexyPinkLady by the awesome Tallon who help me a lot with the blog sending me a message when he find great artist who do commissions and sometimes ask some drawing with Rosalina for the blog… Thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

I’m a gentleman so ladies first and some memories about SexyPinkLady who already contributed to the blog on 2011. I found her because a drawing with Rosalina and Samus so asked her for more information about commission rules and finally commissioned Rosalina with Misty (see it here), one of my favorite girl from the pokemon series. At this moment SexyPinkLady‘s D.A. name was Superprincesspeach91 and not use to search these old drawing in her gallery, all was deleted… Yeah, It’s not a blog, it’s a huge memories folder for me and I wont delete any drawing.

You can see than SexyPinkLady really increased her level since the Rosalina x Misty and now I also have the ability make bigger post than nobody can read but I really wanted commission SexyPinkLady again. She love Cynthia from pokemon (than I really love) and also Lightning from F.F. and it was hard to choose into the se two girls. Cynthia is one of my favorite character but Lighning is also really beautifull and never meet Rosalina… Finally Rosalina will meet Cynthia… and Lightning at the same time… °w°

But for the moment Rosalina is now in a strip club with Haku and they look so powerfull and amazing together. I love how SexyPinkLady drew Rosalina hair keeping the style of the original character but she’s also amazing with long hair, she look more mature and sexy… Beautifull girls, sexy pose and clothes, I love this drawing… (^o^)/

Last detail asked by Tallon, you can notice “Awesome” and “Powerful” in Haku and Rosalina clothes, he asked SexyPinkLady to add words we use the most… And that’s true I often say “powerfull” in my posts and comments but I write it with two L. I know it wrong but as me the word is really more beautifull like this… Yeah, it’s stupid… XD

Artist: SexyPinkLady / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: http://tallon90.deviantart.com
SexyPinkLady’s profil: http://sexypinklady.deviantart.com

Added to wishlist: Domino and Roxy from Jackals (see it here)

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