#377 – Vocaloid – Haku [Care For a Drink?]

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Finally the wallpaper calendar project started with the amazing artist Mavruda, He’s a really pleasant guy and amazing artist so I really wanted to make a nice project with him. the first calendar page is now available (download here) and it’s free… Oh yeah… XD

Now I will publish a new page each month, don’t know if you will have everytime two version but Mavruda and me are now waiting for your fedback. I decided about the concept of the page with illustration on the right and a blank part for your desktop icons but what your feeling. Do you like it graphically and it’s usefull?


Once again I’ll talk about my amazing friend Tallon (Naah, he’s not my bf) but a so powerfull and helpfull guys. This illustration was a commission he asked to swoot and I love it so much. If you wonder why Rosalina meet the Vocaloid girl Haku once again. Well, I’m in love with Rosalina and Tallon in love with Haku… ^^

Rosalina and Haku serving up some drinks are so powerfull (and damn sexy). If you wonder, it’s not coffe and Wine but rootbear and monaco drinks. Tallon asked me what is my favourite drink, I said Monaco and as you can expect, Tallon‘s favorite is rootbear. Now you can understand more about swoot illustrations… ^^

Swoot really did an amazing job, Rosalina and Haku are gorgeous. Lovely face, a great style for hair, sexy bikinis and a great background. I also forgot to say that I love so much the messy touch, wet girls and clothes are so powerfull. In fact I think I prefer a wet tee-shirt than a transparent lingerie but that’s not the same thing… °w°

Thanks so much this powerfull surprise Tallon and congrat to swoot who did an excellent job. Don’t hesitate to take a look to his HentaiFoundry account for more infos about commissions. This illustration if the first one in his gallery but you can see he have an excellent style and you can also find some WIP on his tumblr (swootsart.tumblr.com) so I’m sure it’s just the start of an amazing artist… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: swoot / Cost: ??? (gift)
Tumblr: www.swootsart.tumblr.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/swoot/profile

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