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#172 – FF7 – Tifa Lockhart

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At start I though the word “trash” is for something hard or gore so when an artist say it mean “garbage” in fact, I was a little embarrassed… Now I know “nice” and “trash” at the same time don’t work… I’ll be careful next time… English level +1… ^^

Maybe a drawing with Rosalina can’t be trash and now it’s a new awesome pic with Rosalina and Tifa by dc0st… Like all final fantasy fanarts I think Tifa is the more famous girl from this serie, it’s the only for this game I have now twice with Rosalina, the first pic was by Straggletag (clisk here for see it).

dc0st‘s gallery and style is awesome but he also do commission so I never expected see this quality for a request, maybe this pic is incredible. A lot of nice details like the reflect on the table, the lube or Luma (not sure every body notice it). Rosalina and tifa are great too, they look so beaufifull, sexy and Rosalina face is pretty adorable… Love this pic.. .Thanks so much dc0st‘… (^o^)/

Hope you love this pic guys and don”t hesitate to posta little comment here or on dc0st’s profil… It’s a great artist so a little comment must be great… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: dc0st / Price: Request

New wishlisted girls: Temari and Samui from Naruto