#263 – Final fantasy – Fran

 New wishlist and chat are now done, please tell me what do you think about that guys… The chat is a nice way to see when people are connected to the blog but nobody to post a little message… Where are you guys? O_o

 As you can see the blog have now a 30th follower… Oh yeah… But now I have a little problem because whem I made the new wishlist I found a lot of drawings who never see the light here like the Rosalina x Felicia (see it here) and I must fix that… T_T

Today an awesome commission I asked to bonete on November 2011, the same month as the one with Felicia, don’t remember what happend at this moment… bonete really have a powerfull art at this moment so I asked him a commission, don’t remember who choosed Fran but with Lulu she’s my favorite character from the FF serie so it was just perfect…

I found a lot of sketch than bonete made for this commission and can’t upload all but like all mails and drawing I have I can say bonete was really implicated into this commission and the result is just awesome… More than a year to publish your amazing work, all my apologize bonete

I hope you like the drawng guys and you can expect in more than a year bonete increase his gallery and style so you must take a look at his hentaifoundry profil and gallery, there is a lot of really powerfull pics and some a little more… hum… Curious… XD

Artist: Bonete / Cost: Don’t remember

Wishlist: Quorra and Gem from Tron legacy (see it here)

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  1. Skull

    My God, it is incredible! MmmHhHHnnHhhhh…!!! <3


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