#264 – No more heroes – Bad girl

I uploaded a gallery with my collection in e-hentai.org and this one was deleted because watermark… I know it’s not really beautifull but I must do this if I want people know my blog but I was surprise my gallery didn’t stay more than 24 hours in the sites… That’s so bad… If you know a site when I can publish my drawings with watermark and can make people know my blog don’t hesitate tell me about that… Thanks guys and have a great day… ^^

Today it’s a drawing by the lovely NotYourFriend, I know he have a special name but it’s a really pleasant artist who said “I’m willing to take part in your project, I totally respect you for pulling out such a thing. I’m actually amazed by it! Let’s see if I can help you finishing the collection“… He wanted to contribute doing Rosalina with Bad girl from No more heroes and Elesa from Pokemon and I glad show the one with bad girls… Hope you like it guys…

No more heroes fanarts are rare but this game have such awesome girls than Bad girl and Dr. Naomi, so I’m really happy NotYourFriend choosed a girl from this serie. I just said to NotYourFriend tahn I love lingerie and hifh heels and let him totally free with the drawing so the result was a surprise… An awesome surprise… Thanks so much NotYourFriend… (^o^)/

The title of this drawing in NotYourFriend‘s gallery is “Rosa’s New Pet“, I think I don’t have to say more about it but for the next one with Rosalina and Elesa, it will be the same idea… Stay turned guys… ;p

Artist: NotYourFriend / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: April and Karai from Ninja Turtles (see it here)


  1. Not Your Friend

    Thanks for your kind words! I wanted to fill in with two of the hard ones, those you’d have a hard time to get without paying for them, so I drew the pics. Since my part is already done, now I can relax and visit the blog every now and then to see this amazing project being completed! ^_^

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks so muh fr the kind words and great support… That’s really powerfull you choosed girl who are really beautifull but not enough popular for artist think about her, though it’s what you did and I’m really happy have a girl from a popular serie than a lot of people must reconise her and the one with Bad girl who is the first of this serie who meet Rosalina… That’s so powerfull… (^o^)/

      But be carefull when you say “being completed” because I don”t want to finish it a day, I must continue increse the wishlist and blog to show again and again how Rosalina is beautifull… Oh yeah…

      I noticed the link of trollgirl site, and I’m really curious to know more about it, it’s your comic ?

  2. Not Your Friend

    Yes, it is one of my comics. It’s been online for 2 years or so. It’s about a girl who has the ability (more like a curse) to say/do the worst thing possible at any given situation, and she used to work at one of those NGOs who talk people out of suicide… It’s not very popular, but I love drawing it.


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