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#766 – Sisters test

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November start with its new patreon raffle winner and this month winner is Curtis Heywood (congrat). More than a duo, this time the idea is secretly manage with Lunakiri an illustration to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. I’ll get the illustration at the last moment for the birthday post… Suspense… ^^’
I’m also looking to manage a cowgirl Rosalina cosplay, I have something really precise in mind that will need lot of pieces that aren’t cheap. Chaps, boots, miniskirt jeans, vest, shirt, hat, gloves and even a little wheels horse. I hope get it for next Spring for the upcoming cons… °w°


For people that are interested by illustrations only with high level of shading and detail be sure you still miss a lot of powerfull art and artists like Epicsubterfuge, sometimes the idea and scenes are so cool that they don’t need more to be epic. Epicsubterfuge already contributed but still gave me the honour fill two more character slots in the wishlist pairing Rosalina with Mary Test and Susan Test from Johnny test series.
I haven’t see a lot of this series but I really liked these two girls design, for those that don’t know they are super genius scientist and Mary is the older mean she born a few minutes first. So with huge interest for science they have to study about the human body and Epicsubterfuge found them the perfect guinea pig .
As you can see, Epicsubterfuge drew this trio in a middle of an experience, I don’t know why they are naked but science looks even more interesting that way. Another detail I love is Epicsubterfuge managed really fun and bit crazy expressions for all ladies, I feel even more curious about that actual experiment but it’s also even more pleasant to watch… °w°
I’m really thankfull to Epicsubterfuge for his friendship and support to the project, when he come draw a new piece I first look at the wishlist to get someone that Rosalina never met and it’s sure the best way (I know this page wasn’t made for nothing). You side don’t hesitate visit Epicsubterfuge’s deviantart page or his webcmic. The webcomic wasn’t updated since 27th Apr 2014 but there is already 222 pages to see so it’s quite a lot and on deviantart you have much more recent art and updates… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Epicsubterfuge / Request
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com
Deviantart: http://epicsubterfuge.deviantart.com
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#585 – Happy 2016


2015 was a really complicated year managing the project (and not only with it), Some scammers, people reporting the blog until google delete it (and they succeded), lot of projects moved to archives but this negative part is nothing compared to all pleasure, awesome surprises and incredible people that I met and working on this project. The blog have now more than 4 years and if 2016 will be so incredible with you for sure it won’t stop.

Will do my best promote RosalinaxGirl patreon and the comic Rosalina’s Delivery Service but for now time to wish you an Happy new year to all of you… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Rosalina Nintendo sexy

#385 – Spirou – Melusine

Was really busy working on the video yesterday and missed to add a new post. More than 4 hours to add subtitles that’s soooo long. In fact the main problem is not really there is so much to do but thta’s the first time I do that and I’m not really fast. I’m close to the end and I hope I’ll finish it today so prepare yourself, it must come soon… Oh yeah… ^^

Also, Mavruda finished December wallpaper that you can see on the right. This time there is no soft version because he was really busy but it’s still an excellent piece. The idea was that each anal bead have a number from 1 to 24 and Meryl will remove one each day. Of course, the last for christmas.


After sexy duos with Bad girl from No more heroes (here) and Elesa from pokemon (here), EpicSubterfuge come again with a lovely duo and decided to pair Rosalina and Melusine from Spirou magazine. He asked me what girls will never have a chanceto be choosed and at the end he decided to pick Melusine. A lovely witch from a french children comic. In fact I hope if english people know her. Guys, who already heard about Melusine?

I love this illustration, they are so beautifull, Rosalina a little shy and Melusine more pervert but they sure will have a tender and fun moment together. This is an excellent and unexpected piece. I thought this duo will never happen and that’s so powerfull to see it become true… EpicSubterfuge did an excellent job and I hope people you like it guys… °w°

For a request the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom so I always let him free to pick the girl he would love to draw with Rosalina. sometimes I talk about the wishlist but first time I have to suggest the less famous characters I want to see with Rosalina. there is some other girls here I added as memory but EpicSubterfuge was really surrpising and powerfull. thanks so much my friend…. (^o^)/

Don’t hesitate to take a look to EpicSubterfuge‘s gallery on dviantart (here) but also to his comic “Troll girl”. That’s a really nice and interesting series, Just take a look and maybe let him a little comment, it’s the best thing an artist can expect. Oh yeah…

Artist: EpicSubterfuge / Request
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com

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Added to wishlist: Aisaka taiga and kawashima ami from Taradora! (see it here)

#268 – Pokemon – Elesa (blonde version)

I must receive my new computer today… What changes for the blog: nothing… what changes for me: The power… Mwahahaha… Now you understand why I missed to write the new post yesterday, sorry about that…

Sincerely as introduction I often talk about myself and sometimes the blog but do you think I must be more “professional” and just talk about the blog instead of my annoying life? What your opinion guys?

So after the awesome Rosalina and bad girl (see it here) by NotYourFriend (love this name), it’s the time for Rosalina to come back to the pokemon world for a little fun with her new pet: Elesa. For peoples who played pokemon black and white you must already see her, she appear in pokemon blanc and white 2 but as a totally different version. NotYourFriend said me his favorite is the blonde one so there is the result, hope you like it guys… ^^

NotYourFriend proposed to draw two drawings as contribution for my blog, it was a really powerfull idea and I must agree I love how Rosalina and Elesa look with NotYourFriend‘s style. they are still really beautill as the original characters but with these hilarous faces it’s more original and maybe a little curious… I love see Rosalina draw by a lot of artist, each one have his own style so it’s always rosalina but with something different and I’m always so excited see how the artist will imagine and draw Rosalina… sometimes she’s more cute, sometimes funny but still so beautifull… Oh yeah… XD

Thansk again for your support and awesome participations NotYourFriend, you can now have a break and like you said “now I can relax and visit the blog every now and then to see this amazing project being completed“… Maybe my project won’t be complete… I always add more girls in the wishlists and with all character I don’t know for the moment I sure I missed some amazing girls who must love to hear about Rosalina a day…

Last thing, if you are curious NotYourFriend also draw comics and there is one really interesting, online for 2 years or so. It’s about a girl who has the ability (more like a curse) to say/do the worst thing possible at any given situation, and she used to work at one of those NGOs who talk people out of suicide… If you want to take a look it’s http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com… Enjoy…

Artist: Sketchysketch / Cost: 0$ (request)
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com
Deviantart: http://epicsubterfuge.deviantart.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/NotYourFriend/profile

#264 – No more heroes – Bad girl

I uploaded a gallery with my collection in e-hentai.org and this one was deleted because watermark… I know it’s not really beautifull but I must do this if I want people know my blog but I was surprise my gallery didn’t stay more than 24 hours in the sites… That’s so bad… If you know a site when I can publish my drawings with watermark and can make people know my blog don’t hesitate tell me about that… Thanks guys and have a great day… ^^

Today it’s a drawing by the lovely NotYourFriend, I know he have a special name but it’s a really pleasant artist who said “I’m willing to take part in your project, I totally respect you for pulling out such a thing. I’m actually amazed by it! Let’s see if I can help you finishing the collection“… He wanted to contribute doing Rosalina with Bad girl from No more heroes and Elesa from Pokemon and I glad show the one with bad girls… Hope you like it guys…

No more heroes fanarts are rare but this game have such awesome girls than Bad girl and Dr. Naomi, so I’m really happy NotYourFriend choosed a girl from this serie. I just said to NotYourFriend tahn I love lingerie and hifh heels and let him totally free with the drawing so the result was a surprise… An awesome surprise… Thanks so much NotYourFriend… (^o^)/

The title of this drawing in NotYourFriend‘s gallery is “Rosa’s New Pet“, I think I don’t have to say more about it but for the next one with Rosalina and Elesa, it will be the same idea… Stay turned guys… ;p

Artist: NotYourFriend / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: April and Karai from Ninja Turtles (see it here)