#766 – Sisters test

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November start with its new patreon raffle winner and this month winner is Curtis Heywood (congrat). More than a duo, this time the idea is secretly manage with Lunakiri an illustration to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. I’ll get the illustration at the last moment for the birthday post… Suspense… ^^’
I’m also looking to manage a cowgirl Rosalina cosplay, I have something really precise in mind that will need lot of pieces that aren’t cheap. Chaps, boots, miniskirt jeans, vest, shirt, hat, gloves and even a little wheels horse. I hope get it for next Spring for the upcoming cons… °w°


For people that are interested by illustrations only with high level of shading and detail be sure you still miss a lot of powerfull art and artists like Epicsubterfuge, sometimes the idea and scenes are so cool that they don’t need more to be epic. Epicsubterfuge already contributed but still gave me the honour fill two more character slots in the wishlist pairing Rosalina with Mary Test and Susan Test from Johnny test series.
I haven’t see a lot of this series but I really liked these two girls design, for those that don’t know they are super genius scientist and Mary is the older mean she born a few minutes first. So with huge interest for science they have to study about the human body and Epicsubterfuge found them the perfect guinea pig .
As you can see, Epicsubterfuge drew this trio in a middle of an experience, I don’t know why they are naked but science looks even more interesting that way. Another detail I love is Epicsubterfuge managed really fun and bit crazy expressions for all ladies, I feel even more curious about that actual experiment but it’s also even more pleasant to watch… °w°
I’m really thankfull to Epicsubterfuge for his friendship and support to the project, when he come draw a new piece I first look at the wishlist to get someone that Rosalina never met and it’s sure the best way (I know this page wasn’t made for nothing). You side don’t hesitate visit Epicsubterfuge’s deviantart page or his webcmic. The webcomic wasn’t updated since 27th Apr 2014 but there is already 222 pages to see so it’s quite a lot and on deviantart you have much more recent art and updates… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Epicsubterfuge / Request
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com
Deviantart: http://epicsubterfuge.deviantart.com
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