#765 – Bible Black Mistress

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There is one thing I know that is kinda logic and seems most of the artists don’t know or care about. You wonder what this and I can’t tell it to keep safe the project so now you wonder why I talked about that. In fact it’s cause I had nothing else to say for this post intro… ^^’
I’m also sorry for this late post, had lot of projects during the week-end that I wasn’t able to do, on one side cause family obligation (or lack of privacy) and on the other side cause worked hard to try create a minecraft server with a friend, for now looks more like a crash test… ^^’


He alredy amazed us with his realistic paring with Rosalina and Daisy (on the right) then 3 years after this illustration SweetGrapeStudio (previously Otakuwill) is back with a new piece. After so many years there is sure a lot of practice, techniques and new skills to show us pairing Rosalina and Takashiro Hiroko from Bible Black, you sure heard about that series if you are a true pervert and no exception for SweetGrapeStudio… ^__^
I really admire SweetGrapeStudio art since I discovered about him and was so excited when he told me want to make another Rosalina piece, 3 years sounds like long wait but the result worth it and now I just want to jump on his neck and give a big hug as thank you. SweetGrapeStudio did a powerfull piece, I could cry with how wonderfull it is, anyway can’t deny there is also the secondary effect from the kinky side, pervert rules… ^^’
So Rosalina enter Bible back universe and for those that know the series she’s lucky it start gently (for now). SweetGrapeStudio made everything looks so epic from angle, starting with sexy face and tongue out, huge breasts ready to pop out, Hiroko hand slowly moving the dress up to reveal that perfect princess ass that I’m sure she wont resist to spank and finally the heel heels. I love how SweetGrapeStudio managed each part of Rosalina looks so erotic and I sure would love be her master at this time… °w°
There is another important detail with this illustration, SweetGrapeStudio art is really realistic in general (even more when photo references) but this time ‘I left my comfort zone, to use a technique very anime-style‘. There is a huge difference from soft and realistic to anime shading and for a first try SweetGrapeStudio managed it very well, many people may think it’s easier since no need to manage colour gradient but I’m sure it was not that easy as we could imagine. Here the the anime style also increase the fact Rosalina enter Bible black universe so more than a hot piece, this is part of a story your imagination can work on… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Also nothing usefull but with this piece was endless game of ‘ who have to say thanks, SweetGrapeStudio made this piece as kind of thanks for the years of support and comments on his page but like the efforts he did on this duo, even more going out of his comfort zone for me, I feel even more it’s me that have to be thankful. On your side no way to worry about that but why not visit SweetGrapeStudio‘s pages and discover about his sexy and realistic art? Be sure you wont regret this and all links are bellow so lazy isn’t an excuse… :p

Artist: SweetGrapeStudio / Request
Deviantart: www.sweetgrapestudio.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sweetgrapestudio
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