#763/764 – Cresil's demon tongue

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After a week in England I was happy see the blog was still alive and the attack report was a good surprise, depict spam comments as usual, no brute force login or files uploading. It’s good cause it the site would be corrupted, must be hard for me fix it but on the other side, it can mean the project lost it’s attractive power… O_o

Anyway for now I have a bigger problem to deal with, my computer died and all datas vanished, I will need change my HDD quickly to be able be back again and install all software that I need to manage the site and edit illustrations but the 2Tb data lost if for now sooo frustrating… Bwaaaa… T_T


I first wanted make separated posts for those two illustration with Rosalina and TheFloppyBunny‘s original character named Cresil but would be kinda stupid. Wanted quote some infos about Cresil on TheFloppyBunny‘s page but all the art was deleted and no journal about it. It’s kinda sad see an artist you appreciate disappear… T_T
As you can see there both illustrations have so much licking action in both Rosalina’s holes and seem that little princess normally so pure and innocent can’t help herself with Cresil skills, TheFloppyBunny sure created a so naughty and talented demon. A lot of hot details like the juice touch, toys, dialogue and high heels (this one is mostly my biggest fetish), I’m sure curious TheFloppyBunny made Rosalina stocking different in each piece so so could be like they had fun together several times, and maybe again at this moment… ^^
Other point that I love with those two illustration is they are traditional art piece, can can easily notice the marker colouring on Cresil hair and body, anyway I wonder what TheFloppyBunny used for Rosalina’s skin cause it looks really perfect. At some point we can think that part can be coloured digitally but I got the original pieces from TheFloppyBunny and be sure all is hand made, for sure I’m so happy and excited have them like a part of the artist that will remain unique… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
For now, TheFloppyBunny plan to get back to art and NSFW stuff after a long stop but she’s still not active back on deviantart so let see how things goes. I saw many artists stopping for various reason and I can blame her if she have to stop as if as pervert I sure love so much what she did. If you are curious you can see all Rosalina she drew here or go visiting her DeviantArt page and spread some love with a little comment… ^__^

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