#762 – Chocolate Akali

If you see this post, it mean I’m (unfortunately) back to France and travel was ok so if you don’t see this post it mean… That I’m to tired to write a logic sentence. I had a powerfull time with a marvelous person (and family) and as if everything looks beautifull on night from the sky I was sad had to live that place… Anyway it don’t mean I wont be able be back again and I sure must manage it in the future… °w°


I made the organisation of the folder and art tracking like two years ago to be sure don’t lost or miss (too much) things but I still find some art from 2012 or 2013 that were lost and must come as if I feel really bad for the artist and really don’t know how I can announce him his piece came 4 years after be done. It’s the case with this Rosalina and Akali (league of legends) du made on April 16th 2013 by Daisenseiben. I was searching about the artist to see if he’s still active and since 2013, Daisenseiben from blogger to Deviantart.
I really love Akali design, she’s really cool with great skins (so much epic naughty fanarts inspired from the nurse suit, she’s also a chocolate lady but Daisenseiben is the first that draw her with so dark skin, it’s sure pretty original and special at the same time but I guess some people will love her that way… ^__^
Daisenseiben is a French artist as you can see with the poster in the wall, also his level sure changed after 4 years of practice. A lot of new art Daisenseiben‘s gallery, kinky pieces as well but as me the best is the SFW art where he manage perspective and light really well. Don’t miss have a look guys.

Artist: P4bllo / Cost: unknow
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