#767 – When master is away

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When you know this first illustration from Otocai is the third he did for the blog and adding the fact it’s also September patreon raffle despite the fact August one still wasn’t published, you can imagine the management have some troubles but don’t worry, everything calculated. So back to this illustration it’s Ivan that won for September and suggested a scene with his OC Lalah, ‘both in maid cosplay but Lalah could like maybe do something lewd to Rosalina, […] Rosalina could have a cute embarrassed expression‘, kinky and sexy but we were limited since Otocai want all his illustrations follow DeviantArt policies.
Once the illustration was posted on his page, Otocai was a little worry don’t get a comment wondering if I was really pleased or not with the result. Anyway he don’t had to worry since the result is really cool and enjoyable. Both ladies look really sexy as maid and I love how he managed keep the medallion and crown decoration on Rosalina outfit (really, that’s genius). I asked Otocai to add hand in panties action that follow D.A. rules since nothing revealed, anyway Rosalina breasts looks so soft and perfect shape that Lalah cannot resist play with them… °w°
I hope you like this illustration guys (and even more Ivan), Otocai followed perfectly the sexy and maid spirit that was expected; mixing cuteness with two innocent girls and on the other side so many sexiness with satin gloves and kinky hand that also seems really talented like how wet goes Rosalina’s panties. The action looks great and Rosalina face really expressive, just a bit of imagination and you can hear her sweet moaning from all this pleasure… Last detail is the the pose Otocaimanaged to make high heels visible, this part wasn’t requested but I know about my fetish and I appreciate so much his efforts to find a great angle and posing that keep everything visible… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
About the shoes, they are inspired by some kind of lolita shoes that turn sure sexy but also have something badass, can’t really explain why but I sure don’t want that girl to hit me wearing those, it must hurt a lot (especially on a sensitive place). I conclude with a big thanks to Otocai for his kindness and hard work depict we move him at the limit of what he allow himself to draw. Also you can’t miss visit his page since Otocai do a weekly raffle on his page, just enter once to participate to all following raffles until you win, who can resist?

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
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