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#946 – Summer with Lutia

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PATREON BONUS: Hungry for icecream (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai swimsuit bikini yuri lesbian crossover beach sexy pinup
After year of loyalty it’s time for me to get a new usb key, mine get troubles lately and many files end corrupted so it’s pretty annoying. Actually I use a SyncToy software that allow synch folders like a NAS and I use to save the content of my key in local before move it to work or home. Annoying but usefull ^^
It’s usefull but when you end with a corrupted file pretty much each day that need you be back to home or work to get the save before do the work you needed (if remember it). Now you knwo the reason on this late post, I worked on it at work and back home… Corrupted… Had to wait the next day to get the save I made at work… U_u


Here is a new illustration I won from Otocai’s weekly raffle on deviantart that he never failed to manage since more than a year now, everybody can enter and you keep a slot until you win, anyway you have limited time claim your prize and must be active faving at last a drawing a month (if I remember correctly). I sure cannot miss to be part to his raffle and was even allowed get a second chance, I know it’s not fair at some point but a chance enter the raffle again to get another sweet Rosalina by Otocai was so tempting… ^^’
Weeks goes and the RNG finally made my name appear at the top the the 114th raffle journal (btw I admire Otocai’s dedication to write a proper and interesting journal every time, looks like a cool artist diary). When you are able claim your slot in time, you can request a pin-up illustration or a duo if the second girl is one of his OC, Otocai own adorable OC and I cannot resit the opportunity to get a little duo for my page so sounded perfect to me. At this time I requested a summer theme illustration with Rosalina in Lumakini and the other girl in swimsuit, I’m still addicted to this suit and every change get more Lumakini is powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
For the girl to join Rosalina, Otocai chosen his character Lutia, Goddess of Lust; boss of his other OC’s Thalbina, Stella, Harriet, Alabaster and Amphere, with two gorgeous and so sexy goddess this sure had to look incredible. The illustration turn absolutely amazing an pretty, totally the kind of amazing piece to love watch during summer time (and that can make a powerfull print), I’m super fan of how Otocai made Rosalina looking so pretty as sexy showing her body in a so perfect way but with a face so adorable and innocent that you only feel an indecent cuteness. Lutia also looks pretty and peaceful as the goddess she is °w°
I’m also super amazed with the work on shading and shadow, I hope it wasn’t something too complex to manage (I’m sure it wasn’t easy) but it sure give an amazing and realistic look. The only sad point from this drawing is Otocai missed about the Lumakini and reference I sent him and gave a classic bikini to Rosalina, of course everything else looks so incredible but I keep a little touch of frustration. Anyway guys, don’t miss take a look at Otocai’s page and take the time to enter his raffle, he’s switching to monthly cause not enough participants… Waaah… O_o

Artist: Otocai / DevianArt raffle
One year ago: #868 – Trapped Bowsette
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#830 – Teasing Mutsu

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Patreon bonus: Sarada body exhibition (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina
I’m sure there was something I prepared for this post but all datas still at work so let’s write it again and hope I don’t forget things. Don’t tell me things should have be easier using dropbox or drive but all are blocked at work… U_u
Still a lot to do rewriting old posts but seems there is troubles while counting, this post should not be the #830 but around #840 so need a way fix that difference. At last would be easier having too much art instead of not enough. ^^


Here is an illustration commissioned to Otocai inspired by… a pair of shoes I found doing some shopping and really loved (you can see it on the left). I really loved the design, kinda like those wedge shoes are the summer version of my high-heels fetish. Now I had the shoes second was to find a girl that mix nicely with Rosalina and it was Mutsu from Kantai Collection series having similar shoes and Otocai was ok with the idea so no reason wait longer… ^^
There is one important rule to know, Otocai always want his art to respect DeviantArt policy so no penetration or sexual fluids but I can’t miss the ecchi power of that wonderfull artist so cannot resist go with something kinky. Well, there is also a rule saying no characters under 18yo allowed, Mutsu have a young look but Kantai collection characters don’t officially have age so technically can’t be underage, at last I checked that point to be sure Otocai wont have troubles with it and since no official source for her age, can’t be reported… XD
While looking at more informations about the character for this post, I discovered that the shoes Mutsu wear in the ref I sent to Otocai aren’t the official one she wear, true one have a rudder as heel that are pretty cool design. Anyway they didn’t appeared that way on the ref I sent to Otocai that finally managed a really cool design following Rosalina’s shoes an remembering me a bit the lolita one he draw with Rosalina and Lalah maid (see it here).
During the drawing process the only edit asked to Otocai was change the girls from standing to kneeling, it wasn’t for anatomically or scenery reason but that I wanted the final illustration don’t be too high with like a Dakimakura format. Now I think at it again, if I kept the original pose I’m sure I would be trying commission Otocai a second piece with booty to get like a two side Dakimakura, I’m sure it would have be epic and who know, maybe I’ll go back to him preparing a daki section in the shop page… ^^’

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
One year ago: #713 – Playfull piranha plant
Next to come: Come please your princess (NSFW)
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#816 – Sweet Rosalina Giveaway

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Patreon bonus: Magic beads and indecent heels (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy panties
It sounds like really stupid but I always wonder if it’s better to write ‘wip’ or ‘WIP’, each time I announce or show a preview I’m never sure the way I have to write it in title or description. Does there is any rule for it ? O_o


Here is an illustration won at Otocai‘s weekly raffle that is also the second I Rosalina piece from this artist to appear here, the raffle prize was a pin-up illustration that could be SFW or sexy as long it follow deviantart rules without be censored. No a surprised I asked Otocai to draw Rosalina and I love this piece he created… Thanks so much for your kindness and efforts… \(^o^)/
Otocai formula for this piece is simple but effective, you mix a so adorable and innocent face with cute breasts and a bit panties teasing, I simply can’t resist. Also as I said on the last patreon post; ecchi art is both marvellous but frustrating cause it first mix cuteness and sexiness so nicely plus don’t need be censored to be shared but anyway it’s just sexy enough to not be able be posted on the SFW page let them discover about Otocai art… Bwaaaa… T_T
As little pervert I know you must love this piece but as Rosalina fan I also admire how Otocai managed Rosalina dress and accessories close to the original design and created some parts that still match perfectly. The top is truly canon with the hairstyle, crown, wand, dress and medallion then moving down he imagined Rosalina panties and high heels shoes with a design I love so much. Technically Rosalina don’t have garterbelt and different shoes but the one Otocai created are so perfect, even more for a high heels addict like me… °w°
I hope you guys like this illustration, for more you can wait for the next Rosalina by Otocai coming, also get a commission or enter his week-end raffle to get a free pin-up. Two awesome point with the raffle, first his kindness since you just have enter once and participate to all upcoming until you wing and second fact I admire is Otocai never missed a single week since he started them… Let me also show you one on the last piece he made from it that I love so much for the wetlook side, stay awesome my friend. ^^

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
One year ago: #713 – Playfull piranha plant
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#767 – When master is away

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When you know this first illustration from Otocai is the third he did for the blog and adding the fact it’s also September patreon raffle despite the fact August one still wasn’t published, you can imagine the management have some troubles but don’t worry, everything calculated. So back to this illustration it’s Ivan that won for September and suggested a scene with his OC Lalah, ‘both in maid cosplay but Lalah could like maybe do something lewd to Rosalina, […] Rosalina could have a cute embarrassed expression‘, kinky and sexy but we were limited since Otocai want all his illustrations follow DeviantArt policies.
Once the illustration was posted on his page, Otocai was a little worry don’t get a comment wondering if I was really pleased or not with the result. Anyway he don’t had to worry since the result is really cool and enjoyable. Both ladies look really sexy as maid and I love how he managed keep the medallion and crown decoration on Rosalina outfit (really, that’s genius). I asked Otocai to add hand in panties action that follow D.A. rules since nothing revealed, anyway Rosalina breasts looks so soft and perfect shape that Lalah cannot resist play with them… °w°
I hope you like this illustration guys (and even more Ivan), Otocai followed perfectly the sexy and maid spirit that was expected; mixing cuteness with two innocent girls and on the other side so many sexiness with satin gloves and kinky hand that also seems really talented like how wet goes Rosalina’s panties. The action looks great and Rosalina face really expressive, just a bit of imagination and you can hear her sweet moaning from all this pleasure… Last detail is the the pose Otocaimanaged to make high heels visible, this part wasn’t requested but I know about my fetish and I appreciate so much his efforts to find a great angle and posing that keep everything visible… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
About the shoes, they are inspired by some kind of lolita shoes that turn sure sexy but also have something badass, can’t really explain why but I sure don’t want that girl to hit me wearing those, it must hurt a lot (especially on a sensitive place). I conclude with a big thanks to Otocai for his kindness and hard work depict we move him at the limit of what he allow himself to draw. Also you can’t miss visit his page since Otocai do a weekly raffle on his page, just enter once to participate to all following raffles until you win, who can resist?

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
One year ago: #660 – Princess cowgirl helping kinky Miltank
Next to come: Beach isn’t a place to be serious (NSFW)
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