#816 – Sweet Rosalina Giveaway

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Patreon bonus: Magic beads and indecent heels (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy panties
It sounds like really stupid but I always wonder if it’s better to write ‘wip’ or ‘WIP’, each time I announce or show a preview I’m never sure the way I have to write it in title or description. Does there is any rule for it ? O_o


Here is an illustration won at Otocai‘s weekly raffle that is also the second I Rosalina piece from this artist to appear here, the raffle prize was a pin-up illustration that could be SFW or sexy as long it follow deviantart rules without be censored. No a surprised I asked Otocai to draw Rosalina and I love this piece he created… Thanks so much for your kindness and efforts… \(^o^)/
Otocai formula for this piece is simple but effective, you mix a so adorable and innocent face with cute breasts and a bit panties teasing, I simply can’t resist. Also as I said on the last patreon post; ecchi art is both marvellous but frustrating cause it first mix cuteness and sexiness so nicely plus don’t need be censored to be shared but anyway it’s just sexy enough to not be able be posted on the SFW page let them discover about Otocai art… Bwaaaa… T_T
As little pervert I know you must love this piece but as Rosalina fan I also admire how Otocai managed Rosalina dress and accessories close to the original design and created some parts that still match perfectly. The top is truly canon with the hairstyle, crown, wand, dress and medallion then moving down he imagined Rosalina panties and high heels shoes with a design I love so much. Technically Rosalina don’t have garterbelt and different shoes but the one Otocai created are so perfect, even more for a high heels addict like me… °w°
I hope you guys like this illustration, for more you can wait for the next Rosalina by Otocai coming, also get a commission or enter his week-end raffle to get a free pin-up. Two awesome point with the raffle, first his kindness since you just have enter once and participate to all upcoming until you wing and second fact I admire is Otocai never missed a single week since he started them… Let me also show you one on the last piece he made from it that I love so much for the wetlook side, stay awesome my friend. ^^

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
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