#815 – Sweater and panty tease

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nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy panties
Here is some artist news, after a month of silent Ocanya contacted me and seems to be back to art. I told him the illustration for January patreon raffle (on the left) was finally commission to another artist so Ocanya will try something different and ‘was thinking a Rosalina Futanari‘… Let see… °w°
Also spring is finally coming today and now waiting for the weather to follow it. There is some shootings I would love to make for an other project I run but as long the sun and heat don’t come then I must wait… Bwaaaa… T_T


There was a little change so the illustration planned for today will come with post #818, anyway patreon supporters can still see it geting a wip preview as today reward. I’m sorry for the incovenience but we keep the same spirit with this illustration that is also a gift I received from Ivan that helped the project with a commissioned illustration made by Kitsei, again thanks so much my friend… \(^o^)/
Here come a sweet Rosalina pin-up with Ivan’s fetish for panties shoot, I personally love the pose looking really sexy and Rosalina teasing us even more with that expression, Kitsei really managed her really well. Another point that is great is Kitsei‘s style with shiny colours and light effect, those colours works pretty nicely on Rosalina. Shading is also interesting, simple one but enough to let appear some perspective and curves… °w°
I’m not sure if we can tell Kitsei style is “cartoon”, anyway there is just one detail I don’t like that much is Rosalina’s eye make-up a bit too exaggerated that don’t fit that adorable and innocent princess. Of course with this scene she not really innocent anymore but I prefer keep her cuteness than maker her more slutty. Anyway if you are tempted get a commissions by Kitsei just take a look at his profile on Artists&Clients page to drop him a note… ^^

Artist: Kitsei / Gift
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Happ57
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