#830 – Teasing Mutsu

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I’m sure there was something I prepared for this post but all datas still at work so let’s write it again and hope I don’t forget things. Don’t tell me things should have be easier using dropbox or drive but all are blocked at work… U_u
Still a lot to do rewriting old posts but seems there is troubles while counting, this post should not be the #830 but around #840 so need a way fix that difference. At last would be easier having too much art instead of not enough. ^^


Here is an illustration commissioned to Otocai inspired by… a pair of shoes I found doing some shopping and really loved (you can see it on the left). I really loved the design, kinda like those wedge shoes are the summer version of my high-heels fetish. Now I had the shoes second was to find a girl that mix nicely with Rosalina and it was Mutsu from Kantai Collection series having similar shoes and Otocai was ok with the idea so no reason wait longer… ^^
There is one important rule to know, Otocai always want his art to respect DeviantArt policy so no penetration or sexual fluids but I can’t miss the ecchi power of that wonderfull artist so cannot resist go with something kinky. Well, there is also a rule saying no characters under 18yo allowed, Mutsu have a young look but Kantai collection characters don’t officially have age so technically can’t be underage, at last I checked that point to be sure Otocai wont have troubles with it and since no official source for her age, can’t be reported… XD
While looking at more informations about the character for this post, I discovered that the shoes Mutsu wear in the ref I sent to Otocai aren’t the official one she wear, true one have a rudder as heel that are pretty cool design. Anyway they didn’t appeared that way on the ref I sent to Otocai that finally managed a really cool design following Rosalina’s shoes an remembering me a bit the lolita one he draw with Rosalina and Lalah maid (see it here).
During the drawing process the only edit asked to Otocai was change the girls from standing to kneeling, it wasn’t for anatomically or scenery reason but that I wanted the final illustration don’t be too high with like a Dakimakura format. Now I think at it again, if I kept the original pose I’m sure I would be trying commission Otocai a second piece with booty to get like a two side Dakimakura, I’m sure it would have be epic and who know, maybe I’ll go back to him preparing a daki section in the shop page… ^^’

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
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