#831 – Come please your princess

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Meeting Serperior (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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While rewriting old posts, I’m reaching the time I had the chance to work with the amazing Mavruda. Anyway our friendship ended bad and 2 years later I’m still filled with regrets. I guess that story and me now become insignificant for Mavruda but can’t feel better and forget it my side. U_u
Anyway there is something positive since that sadness and anger mod made me take a decision that will allow more illustration to come soon so stay tuned guys… ^^


Another piece from those magic livestreams with Mazzacho, a random pose practice turned unexpectedly with Rosalina and when I saw the hair lock appear on the sketch it goes even more stunning. I you are curious, you can see the original pose reference Mazzacho used on the right, it’s sure naughty and invitational pose, can sounds a bit indecent for a princess like Rosalina but no ready she can’t be horny and seductive too… ^__^
I really admire artists power to make things appear only with a few lines, anyway here Mazzacho did more than just a few to let appear even more details and increase the kinky side of the illustration, so perfect view and perspective with a cute pussy waiting for some attention and a cute face ready to moan. It was a practice illustration so normal the result is sketchy but Mazzacho drew enough to make it damn exciting, also if you look closely you can see details like earnings, collar, nails or even some juice but also see how draw anatomically right with legs and fingers articulations.
Of course people looking at this sketch will sure focus on the pussy close-up and legs spreading but illustrations have so much to show and tell when you take the time to analyse them a bit, after 8 years managing the project I sure have another way to see illustrations but no worry, at the end they still make me act as a true pervert watchign them. Still, no time to fap but tell a huge thanks to Mazzacho for his cuteness and for more amazing art from this artist, it’s your support that will count the most… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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