#829 – Stairway to infinity

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I’m a bit sad cause there is delayed post and change of plan for this week, I prepared the last post “Come please your princess” but forgot at work the USB key it was saved on. Main problem if can’t get it before next Monday so I’ll present you other illustration isn’t of write again the same post… Anyway it’s annoying… T_T
Here starts a 4 days week-end in France but weather don’t act friendly and no time to relax with 3 birthdays this week… Sometimes I feel like I rest better at work then home ^^’


Here is a new illustration from the lovely Lonely-cartoonist that kindly contributed to the project for the 4th time with a solo picture of that ravishing princess damn elegant, seductive and maybe a bit provocative but still gorgeous. He already drew Rosalina so pretty with a really light sexy touch but this time Lonely-cartoonist managed make Rosalina more hot after I told him how much I love his Ms. Yamanaka illustration on the left.
I have to admit I’m still way more fan of the Yamanaka piece that Lonely-cartoonist managed really well on posing, expression and colouring, as for Rosalina’s illustration there is too much light so we miss details and some parts looks a bit too pixelated like on thee stairs border or heels. Anyway it’s far to be all negative, as I said there is details that you can find and are really interesting (or sexy) like the dress showed so perfect curves even on breasts, letting appear nipples a bit and with folds managed very well, I also love the pose Lonely-cartoonist chosen that is really sensual and erotic working so perfectly with Rosalina dress and I hope you also like the result guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Last detail I wanted to tell about this illustration and that you can’t see on the final illustration, after send me the final pieces, I got many new versions with littles edits from Lonely-cartoonist, you can see the first on on the right and just try tale a look at the difference and improvement that were added. There was edits on the background or stairs that you can easily notice but also on the heels/crown colour, dress shading and general lightning. Lonely-cartoonist really putted so much effort to make it the best he can so guys, never forget there is hours of work behind and illustration even if you look at it for a few seconds.
I have to be honest and I admit I did made Lonely-cartoonist wait for so long to have his illustration posted here and he’s far to be the only artist I must present my apologies about the delay. Anyway on his side he never stopped to draw and practice so Lonely-cartoonist increased his level even more since this illustration, there is plenty of new illustrations to discover on his gallery so don’t miss have a look. Anyway on the naughty side Ms. Yamanaka is still the most epic piece you did my friend… ^^

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Free commission
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